Life Lesson: Never Stand On a Ladder In The Bath Tub

Never stand on a ladder in the bathtub funny story
I have learned some lessons in the school of hard knocks over my lifetime, lessons that I hope to pass on to the next generation. Many of those lessons involve ladders (never move the ladder with a hammer laying on it by the way!) I will save that story for another day. I began remembering and laughing about another one of those lessons today and decided to tell you about it (embarrassing parts and all...maybe some of you need the laugh like I do.)
On this particular day several years ago, I was painting my son's tiny little bathroom. We had high ceilings and so I was trying to reach the parts of the wall above the bathtub.  My son's bathtub had several toys in it that he liked to play with while bathing. Some of those toys were little metal hot wheels. Not those nice smooth ones but the cheaper ones that are made of metal with less details. (You know what I'm talking about if you have ever accidentally stepped on them.)

In those days I was a bit of a ladder daredevil. My family and friends never knew where they might find me on a ladder. Once I put my tallest ladder in the back of my husband's pickup so that I could reach the very top of a house (I know that was stupid). Anyway, on this day, I put my little 2 step ladder into my son's bathtub so that I could reach those spots just out of reach up there.

Believe me when I say, "Never stand on a ladder in the bath tub!"  Here is why I came to that conclusion.  The ladder slipped on the clean shiny bathtub and I quickly stepped off the ladder (barefoot) right down on to my son's little cars which cut my foot and caused me to jerk my foot back up which then meant that I completely lost my balance and fell over into a tiny little space that barely existed between the bathtub and the toilet. I had the wall to my back, the toilet to my right and the bathtub to my left with my feet in the air. Please understand that my body was not a tiny size at this point in my life.  The space was only about 6 inches at best.  I was stuck!  I could not get out!  To make matters worse I was trying not to bleed on my light colored carpet.

My first thought was, "I'm glad no one saw that!" My next thought was, "OMG how am I going to get out of this without someone seeing me wedged with my feet in the air and my body bent like a pretzel into this embarrassing almost X rated position?"

Needless to say, I had to call my husband (who ROTFL) to come help me up and out of the position that I found myself wedged into.  Thankfully I came out of it with only a band aid on my foot and a bit of a wounded ego, but there is a moral to this story. "Never stand on a ladder in the bath tub!"  It is really great advice for any of you other ladder daredevils out there! This is one of my most embarrassing moments that taught me a valuable life lesson. Do any of you have similar stories?  I would love to hear about them if you care to share. LoL.

*Photo Courtesy of Jinterwas

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