Is it Out of Style or Vintage Cool?

I have a kitchen with old cottage style cabinets. I love their old fashioned charm. I decorate with vintage items that have been collected over several lifetimes.  Is my style on it's way out? Or is it just vintage? Is it cottagey and comfy or just old? I guess that depends upon how one looks at it.
 I love to make vignettes on my shelves that include my colorful cookbooks, newer items and the vintage items that belonged to the generations before me. Each item brings memories and a smile when I look at them.
 Some of my items are very popular such as my original vintage canning jars (I collected them before they were cool) and my Vintage McCoy Pottery pieces.  I also have a collection of vintage enamelware.  I collected before they were cool because I liked them.  Sometimes my likes line up with what is in style and then other times I go against the flow.  I just roll that way. I tend to insist on my own style mixing it with the popular things of today.
 My red collection began with strawberries that used to be wildly popular and has grown to include cherries that are more popular today. It is funny how they work so well together.  I just love the bright cheerful color they bring to my kitchen. Each item causes me to smile and sometimes tear up because it has a face attached to it, because of who owned it, who I was with when I found it or who gave it to me. That makes it even more special to me. That is why some of these pieces find a permanent place in my home.
 Some of my pieces may not seem cool to others but it still speaks to my heart. I believe that is what matters not whether it is still in style or not.  This isn't to say that I don't suddenly look at an item and feel "over" it. That happens all the time.  It happened with my Christmas Coca Cola Collection and my Hershey's Tin collection, and even my coffee can collection. Some of these had family history so I passed them on to my children who were excited to have new items to "junk" up their kitchens a bit. They were able to do the same that I do...inject something vintage into their today style.
 I think that every home needs a touch of vintage.  It just adds warmth, and roots to a home. It also adds a bit of nostalgia and inspires conversation.  I can't tell you how many times people will ask me about pieces that I have in my home. That opens the way to share funny stories, or fond memories.
 I am a huge fan of Mary Engelbreit too. My dear husband is ashamed to admit that he actually knows who that is because I am such a fan. I have a couple of whole Pinterest boards devoted to Mary Engelbreit. You can find them listed under Mary Engelbreit I Love You and Mary Happy Style I enjoy scanning eBay from time to time looking for Mary Books or items that are no longer on the market. Oh how fun when I find a new piece to add to my collection in my Mary Engelbreit inspired kitchen.
 Looking at my collection of memories, and items, I am wondering do you have favorite vintage pieces that find their way into your home even in spite of styles or colors of today? Do you dare to make cool what others may look at as old?
Do you always bow down to what is conventional? Or do you express yourself the way you want to be known? Go for it! Do it!  You never know what will become popular after you insisted on decorating with it anyway before it was popular. Everything old becomes new again sooner or later.
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