I'm So Cranky I Want To Kick The Dog

I know most of you are wondering if I really would kick the dog and why on Earth would I want to? (That face is so cute)The truth is, no, I wouldn't but I sure do want to. Why? Mostly because I am cranky but partially because their antics can sometimes wear my good humor down.
Red Dog and Rosie have had the good sense to stay just out of my reach when they see me angry. Although they always seem to think it is OK to put their wet nose in my hand right after I wash them.(What is that about?)
I am constantly having to vacuum and sweep up their hair (nearly everyday). They are both known to have accidents in the house(usually right after I mopped the floor) and their accidents are not little!  They also like to eat snacks out of the cat box. My neighbor calls them "Snack in the Box" (eeeeeeeeew!).  They think my pond in the back yard is their personal swimming hole but they don't like to take baths(what's up with that?) Then the skunk issue...OMG I can't tell you how many times they have been sprayed in the past year (why will they not learn?) and it is never at a convenient time. It ruins their leather collars (not cheap) and it takes a couple of baths to get the stink off. That doesn't even touch on the weird or gross things they do (sigh).
That is just the dogs, I won't even go into all the frustrations of owning cats (like 25 lb Mr. Buttons jumping on me in the middle of the night every night because he wants to go out grrrrrrr.)

Anyway, that is not really why I am cranky. Honestly it is just the pressures that happen in life. Parents, children, finances, health, things breaking down,etc. You know what I mean. Life just happens.  Most of the time I take it on the chin and stand on top of it till it passes, but sometimes there are those days or even weeks when I just let it get on top of me and I get cranky.  When I was raising my family it would be my children or husband I would be cranky at (although he still catches it from time to time). We always seem to be crankier with the ones we love.
The truth is that it isn't OK to kick the dog, the cat or yell at the kids or even my husband. Instead I need to recognize the crankiness and ugly thoughts of wanting to throw the cat out the door or kick the dog, or pound the wall as signals.  Signals that tell me it is time to take a deep breath, find a quiet place and spend a little time with the Lord. I tend to get this way when I haven't spent enough time with Him.
That is definitely the problem this time too. I have let the pressures and lack of time trick me into giving a pass on time with my Father. It always ends up with me cranky and the critters, kids or even my husband trying to stay out of reach while they are trying their best to annoy me (I know they really don't do that, it just feels that way sometimes doesn't it?)
A little time looking into the eyes of Jesus and everything will be OK again. Life and the issues of life will still be there but my perspective will change, instead of being a victim of life I will be a victor in life. Instead of letting those stones weigh me down, I will use them as steps up and over to the next good thing.  It really is a relationship thing The more you hang out with the King the easier it is to rule over everything life throws at you.
So, no more excuses or blaming the dogs for me with my crankiness, instead of kicking the dog, I think I have a date with the King.

 My husband writes a blog about Red Dog, and all my critters and all their antics. He makes it sound so funny the way he describes it (I always know he is right later on and laugh too). He has lots of parents and kids who love to read about Red Dogs latest naughtiness. You can find them at: Texas Red Dog Adventures
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Michelle said...

The joys of having dogs!

Debra Howard said...

Yes, they are a joy most of the time and then there are those other times. lol