I Need a Breath!

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone but I kind of have a secret...really you just have to keep this on the QT. Sometimes, when my life has been a bit crazy busy and I have tons of people at my house or maybe I am at someone else's house with noise and activity going on everywhere I will need a breath!  I will start feeling a bit overwhelmed with the noise and activity and people so I have this secret way that I like to handle it.  I will sneak outside away from everyone and just look up. I know it is silly but it always helps. I usually only get a couple of minutes or so before someone finds me or I have to go back in but that tiny little respite of seeing the big blue sky or maybe it is a wondrous starry night will help me get through.  There is just something about the sky that just soothes my heart...maybe because it reminds me of God's big awesomeness or maybe because He is always waiting for me to sneak away for a moment with Him, either way He always shows up and I always feel better. Now you know my secret. You know why I am always so willing to take the trash out or run out to get something outside...the Prince of Peace is waiting for me out there to give me a big as the sky hug.
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