How To Remove Ticks From Your Cat

Sometimes cats will come home with ticks. I have learned a nifty little trick that will get rid of ticks quickly and easily.
Take a Cutip and dip a good amount of Vicks Vapor Rub. Locate the tick and coat the tick generously with Vicks. The tick should let go immediately. Capture the tick on the cutip or with tweezers and be sure to kill the tick. Don't just flush it. Live things can make their way back up into the toilet.

If there are lots of little seed ticks (they look kind of like large fleas and usually there will be lots of them all together.) just take the Q-tip with Vicks and rub across them. They will come right off onto the Q-tip easily.

This same tip will work just as well for any pet. I have even used it on ducks with success.

If you want more information about ticks I found tons of information Here: (no it is not an advertisement or a paid link...they just had really great information about ticks.)
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Unknown said...

Vapor rub woeked perfect! Thank you for the help