How To Organize Your Email

Organization tips to save time & money on taxes by organizing your email

Today we are finally going to talk about organizing your email.  Email is one of those things that can become a monster very quickly especially if you are a busy person. It can also be a huge time suck that draws you into it's black hole of never ending emails to read and respond to.

A tip for clearing out your inbox super fast that I received from First Magazine is to type unsubscribe in the search bar of your email. This will pull up all the newsletters, advertisements and such at once, then you can delete all. Poof they are all gone without having to mess with them.

Do yourself a huge favor (only because it is the first of the year) and spend a bit of time evaluating some of those emails that you are getting. Do you find yourself deleting more and more emails without reading them? Maybe it is time to unsubscribe from a few of the lists that you are receiving emails from.  It takes a bit of time but you can do it. Look all the way at the bottom of that email (even the advertisements) You will find Unsubscribe in little tiny letters. Click that thing, follow the instructions and in a few days they will stop sending you emails.  I promise you won't miss most of it.  If you do, then you can always sign back up. If you have Gmail then you can use the new unsubscribe button at the top of your email. One click and you are unsubscribed from that company.

Now, for the emails that you do read...have you discovered folders on your email account? They are a great place to file your emails that you want to keep and clean your inbox up.  You can create as many folders as you like and in some email platforms you can even send certain emails such as blog post emails directly to your specified folder to be read later. 

It will help you later at tax time if you will  print your receipts off immediately and put them into your mail holder to be filed when you pay bills again.  This will keep those online receipts from being forgotten. After printing then send it to a receipt folder just in case.

Take a little time and check out your email account's help page. You will be amazed at how many services they probably offer that you didn't even know about like vacation responder emails.  Oh what bliss! You mean that I can actually take a vacation from my email? Yep, you just fix it up as per instructions and your account will send a response email to everyone who emails you letting them know you won't be answering right away.  This would be a great feature to use when you really need to get a project done too. What a great idea from Alexandra Franzen! She has so much more useful info for you too!

I found and took this awesome, amazing, life changing email class that came right to my email box for 12 days and I feel I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about it.  I <3 Email by Alexandra Franzen is full of tips to help you answer emails and do it quickly with style and class. She also teaches about some of the amazing features of email that most of us miss and she shows you how to apply them into your life.  Oh my has this course helped me. (Nope this is not a paid advertisement! I just really enjoyed and benefited from the class and I needed to make sure you had that same opportunity. 

I hope you found a tip or two here that will help you get organized and simplify your life not to mention help you with those pesky taxes.  Stay tuned for next Tuesday...when I tell about another method of filing that can save you loads of stress at tax time.

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