How To Have a Happy Valentine's Day

Secrets to a happy Valentine's Day
Having a Happy Valentine's Day is possible no matter what your current relationship status is.
Secrets to having a Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is One of the most beloved and hated holidays in existence. Those who have a good relationship with a significant other, love it (if their significant other remembers) and those who do not have a relationship tend to dread and hate it.  There are also those significant others who hate it because they feel the pressure of pleasing some one's Valentine's Day expectations.
The way to have a Happy Valentine's day no matter what your current relationship status is to take the pressure off. Realize that in the scheme of things it is just another day in the year and that if you go into it without the huge expectations then disappointment will not reign.
I am not suggesting that you go the other way and become a hater who looks at Valentine's Day as a Marketing ploy of flower shops as well as gift and card manufacturers to bilk the masses. Why hate on them, they are only trying to make a living like everyone else? Do you realize that many Flower shops depend on Valentine's Day as well as Mother's Day in order to stay open the rest of the year?  Those are the holidays that make or break them.  I hope they do great so they will be available all the other days I want or need them around.  I feel the same about the card and gift industry.  They each provide a service.  Hating them is definitely not the way to Have a Happy Valentine's Day.
A person does not have to buy something or even make something to make a Valentine Day special. Valentine's Day is about love.  St. Valentine gave his life for love of other lovers. That is how it started. He loved others and lost his life for it. That is the greatest love that exists. (even the scriptures say so.)
Make Valentine's Day a true reflection of what the Holiday should be.  It should be about love not about lovers.  I'm not hating on those who want a romantic holiday. I am just suggesting that you drop the expectations, and begin to find ways to show your lover or if you have no lover then show others around you that you love them.  Let Valentine's Day be a day that reminds you to do that. Let it be kind of a reset button that gets you started again each year on the right track of loving others.
Let's stop making this huge expectation of unrealistic romantic love because having those huge pressuring expectations cause disappointment. Not because you can't have romance but when such huge expectation comes in the door, then true love goes out the door. Any time one tries to manipulate, or control love then it stops being love and becomes performance.  That is why it feels so bad when someone doesn't meet your expectations. You expected them to make you feel loved which caused them to perform rather than just loving you.
Let's Declare a Love War! Let's make Valentine's Day a day that we remember those we love and a day when we do and say something to show them our love without expectation of what they do back. If you will turn it around from a day you expect, to a day that you do the loving then you might be surprised what happens.  Love them no matter what (not in the crazy stalker kind of way that scares people) but in the "my heart is wide open, I appreciate you and I want you to know I love you and you are free to love me back or not." kind of way. Pass them a note, send them a card, give them a gift, or hold their hand. Find a way to show them love so they will feel it best. (everyone has a love language, Use it!)
Learn How to have a happy Valentine's Day
If they walk away then know that you loved and you did your best.  Know also that you need love and the way to get that love is to keep sowing love without expectation till it returns without you having to "Make it happen." It will happen, just keep loving and eventually love will come back to you. That my friend, is how you have a Happy Valentine's Day.  Go out and love somebody!

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