Ughhhhhhh, I have Been Sick as A Dog

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Life in my world has been less than ideal this past week.  I have been as sick as a dog with the flu.  It all started when I was kissing that sweet little face (not the dog face ewwwwwww!) my granddaughter's face. She was visiting us one evening and I was stealing my kisses like any good GiGi would.  I was happily kissing away when my daughter informed me that my little Zerah had been sick most of the night. I remember thinking how much I hated that she had been sick.  

It was the next night when I realized that I was being struck with the same sickness she had. My 24 year streak had been broken. Yes (you read right) it has been 24 years since my last tangle with the flu at least personally. To make matters worse, I broke another streak...It had been 20 years since I had been sick enough to actually throw up.

Anyhoo, I have been toppled and it has not been fun at my house this week. To make matters worse, my dogs (naughty dogs!) decided to mess with a skunk the night I got sick so they were banned to the outdoors until I finally felt well enough to give them baths. Right after I did give them baths, Rosey, the younger of the two, decided to jump onto my bed. (I had just changed the sheets too!) She was still wet and still had a bit of skunk smell so that meant all my bedding had to be changed again. They also got another bath the next day. 

I was finally beginning to feel human again yesterday (even if I couldn't get too far from the bathroom) then I woke up this morning with phase 2.  Phase 2? Yes, I thought it was over too but apparently there is a phase 2. Now I have the sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes, swimming head part of the flu. Ughhhhhhhhh! I am wondering how much more! Hopefully soon I will have this flu in my rearview mirror. I will still give my sweet baby granddaughter Zerah kisses on her face though. She is just too cute and her kisses are worth any less than ideal results. (praying I won't get these results again though!)
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Crystal Green said...

I hope that you feel better. I hear this flu this year is quite the butt kicker. I am a part of your SITS Tribe with you. I look forward to getting to know you more when you're feeling better.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much +Crystal Green! It is so good to meet you. I have been stopping by your blog this week and everywhere else too! So excited to build a tribe of SITS Sisters!