LBJ State Park & National Park Highlights

Lyndon B Johnson State Park, Historical Texas
I had the pleasure of visiting the LBJ State Park and the LBJ National Park (Just across the Perdernales River) near Johnson City, Texas recently. We enjoyed a leisurely drive through both  parks. The LBJ National Park features the LBJ Ranch which was quite interesting and beautiful despite the severe drought that the area is experiencing.  During the presidential years, LBJ spent about 1/4 of his time on the ranch hence the nickname "Texas White House".
Perdernales River near LBJ Ranch & State Park
 The State park is nestled on one side of the cold water Perdernales River and the National Park with the LBJ Ranch resides across the river.
Rolling Hills of LBJ Ranch & State Park
The landscape around the park and ranch is absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills studded with rocks and multiple prairie grasses. In March and April these fields will suddenly burst forth with the gorgeous wildflowers that so enamored Lady Bird Johnson. The beautiful display is world renown and draws visitors in from across the world.
Trinity Lutheran Church near LBJ Ranch
 This is a shot of the Trinity Lutheran Church that is just across from the LBJ Ranch. President Lyndon B. Johnson would often attend services here.
Although it is designated a National Park, the LBJ Ranch is still a working ranch where cattle are being raised and the pasture lands maintained for the most part as LBJ desired. 
 A Jet Star much like the ones that flew President Johnson in and out of his ranch in the 1960's is on permanent display at the ranch. They would land and then taxi him only 200 yards away from his home. This allowed him to conduct National business from home.
Soon it will be wildflower time in these parts and hopefully (with a wet spring) there will be a beautiful burst of wildflowers here and in the area. Seeing this beautiful unrivaled display should definitely be on everyone's bucket list of things to see. Even if you cannot make it during the wildflower season it is a beautiful piece of our State and National history to experience. I certainly enjoyed my visit there and will return again someday.

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I found your blog through the SITS tribe, and I love the pictures. This looks like a beautiful place to visit