How To Train a Cat (HaHaHa) Part 1

Litter Box Training Cats
So you want to know how to train a cat? The answer is simple. You don't train a cat. I'm not saying it is impossible, just improbable. You can, however, learn the ways of a cat and use that knowledge to your advantage kind of like being a cat whisperer

This is Mr. Buttons. He is a great cat (mostly). He is also a huge cat (35 lbs. not counting all the fur)  Mr. Buttons came to our home to become an indoor cat.  His previous owner could not have him indoors and he kept insisting so she found a good home that could allow him inside. Sounds like a disaster doesn't it? Mr. Buttons took to indoor living like a fish to water because I know the ways of a cat.

One of those important ways is how to deal with the Litter Box:

 Cats really do not need to be trained much for litter boxes. Most cats will go in the litter box naturally. They naturally want to bury their deeds. If they don't then you can bet there is a problem. It can be a health problem, a turf problem (they don't always like to share),  a texture or smell problem (they don't like that kind of litter) or even a shy problem (they need privacy) . Litter box training consists of picking up a bit of a kitten's deed and putting it in the litter box which will then let the cat know, "this is the spot!" Older cats just need to be shown where it is. If they don't get it then try the kitten trick.  If they still don't get it then check into the list of problems.

Cats are creatures of habit. They are also creatures of smell. If they get into the habit of going in a certain unfortunate spot then it could be they smell where they or another cat has gone (even if you don't smell it) or it is possibly because of habit.  There are pheromones that are excreted when a cat does their deeds and so a product that removes these pheromones needs to be used in that area after it is cleaned. To change habits then access may need to be denied to that area in some way (double sided tape or you can try spraying a citrus essential oil in that area (cats hate it). You can also close a door or move your furniture differently.

If your cat is backing up to an area and spraying urine then this is not a litter box problem, it is spraying. I will address spraying in another post.

Understand that a few cats will fall outside of all these categories due to mental issues. Some cats are just a bit off for one reason or another so in that case it is best to  be consistent in cleaning and experimenting  until they get it or you do.  You can also consider putting them through Litter box Boot Camp. You can also let them be outside cats.

If you would like to know more information about these kinds of issues you can find great detailed information here: (I figure why remake the wheel so I will direct you to it) (and the answer is no these are NOT affiliate links they just have the answers you may be looking for.)

I am going to write more short bite  posts about how to train your cat (snicker, I meant yourself for your cat) every Friday  as a series.  If you would like to learn more then stay tuned on Fridays.

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Lisa researching cat training said...

I love your blog. I had one cat that kept pooping in the bathtub, but once we started letting him go outside when he wanted to, he stopped that behavior.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much sweet Lisa! I had a similar cat once. Sometimes they have us in training don't they? Glad he stopped his naughty behavior though. Happy Tuesday and many blessings to you!