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cute Christmas baby picture
Was your Christmas a picture of peace and joy and beauty? How was your year did it meet your beautiful wonderful year expectations? 
Funny Baby Christmas picture
Or would this picture come closer to what it was like?  I really did want mine to be like the first picture above but there were definitely a lot of moments that were more like the second picture. That goes for Christmas and the Year 2013. Oh how I wish that I could say differently but there it is. I can't lie about it. There were days when beauty and hope, faith and joy reigned and then there were the other ones. I guess it could have been worse because at the end of this year, I still feel that I have so much to be grateful for. One of the best things this year has been the little darlin' in the above photos (my Granddaughter Zerah Grace!). I am also thankful to have all my other family. We have a nice home in a nice town and all the bills are paid. It isn't always easy but somehow they always get paid. I am thankful to have God taking care of us. He has been faithful through all the ups and downs.
Funny Christmas baby picture
 He just has to remind me now and then when I start feeling upset like my granddaughter was (isn't this a hilarious picture?)  that I am not worse off, I am just looking at things wrong.  When I finally settle down and remember who I am and whose I am then the situation doesn't seem quite so bad and then true to His word, He helps me work it out. I really heard a great statement today, "Whining and complaining is the language of Hell." Graham Cooke was quoting Dano McCollam with that statement. Isn't that the truth though? When we are whining and complaining then our problems seem so insurmountable but when we look at it with a positive outlook then suddenly hope seems to rise up and soon we rise above our problems. No wonder the Israelites who complained dropped dead in the desert, they had lost their hope. I think that this next year I am going to let Hope be my word of the year.  Hope rises up if you give it a chance. Hope is needed for faith and faith is needed for God's promises to come forth. That my dear friends, is how we can rest in God but first we have to have hope, then faith.
sweet peaceful baby sleeping
 If you find yourself in circumstances that are overwhelming you and threatening to take you down then the answer is to take a deep breath and remember who you are and whose you are so that hope can rise up. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see Heb. 11:1. I hope you can find your hope in all situations. If you need someone to remind you or help you then please know that you can always contact me because Hope lives here and I am always willing to encourage it to rise up in others because it  has this wonderful side effect where hope rises up in me too.  So go ahead, drop me a line if you need encouragement because I can always, always, always use more hope.
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This is a wonderfully uplifting post Debbie, thank you.

The photos of your sweet grand daughter are priceless.

Have a wonderful 2014 ~ FlowerLady