Blog Vacation

Ocean view Nassau
I have decided to take a bit of a blog vacation.  I am not really going anywhere and it won't really be a vacation for me because I will be working behind the scenes (it is nice to think of putting my feet up though even if it is only in my imagination)
As you can see, I am planning a few changes here at Texasdaisey Creations and I welcome any constructive criticism you have about those changes in the comments under this post. I want to make Texasdaisey Creations the best it can be, yet still reflect me.

 I am also up to my neck taking down Christmas decorations and putting my house in order. I have a lot of decorations so it takes me a bit to get the Christmas down, the mess cleaned up and then the house re-decorated. There are also those pesky taxes that come this time of year and require my attention. I am also working on a couple of big projects that I will tell you about very soon. I promise I will be back in two weeks with a new look and new posts!

In the meantime I will dust off a few of my old posts that you may have missed from years past and schedule them for the next two weeks until I am back with new ones. I hope you will enjoy them!
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