How To Make That Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Beautiful

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Beautiful
As I mentioned in my previous post, I have wanted to replace my Christmas tree for a couple of years because it is looking a bit Charlie Brown, but it just has not been in the budget.  Instead, I have learned how to make my Charlie Brown tree beautiful.  Not only do I make it beautiful but I make several trees in my house beautiful using this same method. a couple of them are from the Dollar Store. Just about any Christmas tree can be made beautiful and I am going to show you how.
The first step is to put the tree together, fluff it and add lights. My tree is pre-lit so I get to skip that step. You can learn how to make your tree pre-lighted here.  My next step for this year was to add some homemade snow. You can learn how I did that here
My next step on this tree was to add some wired sheer gold and white ribbon. You can do the same with a number of materials such as tinsel, ribbon, burlap, etc. The key to this step is to tuck some of the ribbon in as you go.
This year I decided to go around the tree but you can also go from the top down the tree. Be sure to tuck in as you go. You could also make a series of large loops with the material as you go rather than draping it. This part is your choice.
I wanted an even snowier look to my tree so I added some flocked greenery to my tree. This is how I fill in the holes on my tree and it is one of the keys to having a Designer look to your Christmas Tree. Ideally you will use at least 3 different types of greenery or flowers.  You can take 1 of each type and bundle them together into a little bunch and then attach them to your tree in random areas or you can do like I did and add each type all through the tree.
I don't think you can ever have too much glitter at Christmas time so I also added some glittery greenery.
My third choice for greenery came from the Dollar Store. You can find some decent greenery or floral pieces at the Dollar Store if you pay attention and catch them when they first put out their floral pieces. I have done beautiful trees using only Dollar Store floral pics.
Here is how my tree looked after adding all my greenery and 1 ornament.  The next step is just as you guessed, the ornaments.  If you have super large ornaments then hang them first then add the smaller ones. I have a large ornament collection and so I like to load my trees down with ornaments. I hang them inside near the trunk and I hang them out on the tips. This gives the tree more depth and causes my guests to step closer to inspect the ornaments on my tree.One tip that will help you protect your ornaments and  make them look better on the tree is to wrap the hanger around the branch several times so that the ornament hangs really close to the branch. A tip to help protect your tree from pets and/or children is to hang jingle bells all over the tree. Anytime someone touches my tree it jingles and I hear it. It was really funny to be in another part of the house and get onto my children for bothering the tree and then hearing them whisper, "How does she know?"  The jingle bells give them away every time. LOL.

Here is my tree loaded down with ornaments. I decided to use all my white, green, blue, silver, and gold ornaments.  Each ornament holds special memories as I decorate the tree. I really enjoy all my ornaments even the ones made by my children when they were younger.  They all go onto the tree.
 For the top of my tree this year, I used several types of floral branches in my color theme.
Here is my tree with the top on it.  I am almost done.
I added bead strands to add just a bit more bling to my tree. This time I made them vertical. Some years I like to add bows but this year I decided to not use bows.
My last touch is to add some white lights and yards and yards of white tulle underneath my my tree. Now it is finally finished and it doesn't look like a bedraggled tree anymore. Now you know some of my secrets to making a Christmas tree beautiful.
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Joe Walenburg said...

The choice of your colors are not at all common, and are beautiful. You may think to darken the light color a bit more if you live in Canada. Cheers. Merry Christmas to you ;-)

kathyneil said...

this is really nice design. i will try this tree design nest year Christmas. thanks for share