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Chickasha Oklahoma Festival of Light

One of my very favorite parts of Christmas is the lights,I love light displays inside and outside. One of my very favorite places to go see outdoor lights is in Chickasha, Oklahoma at the Festival of Light.
They boast one of the largest Christmas trees in the world covered with 25,000 lights along with more than 150,000 lights in the entire park. 
Chickasha Ok Festival of Light
Located at the city part this annual display is an excellent example of what can happen when a community pulls together to make something wonderful happen. They do this wonderful display for free will donations. All the displays are made in Chickasha and donated/sponsored by individuals, churches, civic clubs, and by businesses. The lights are installed by volunteers and all the staff are volunteers too. The civic pride doesn't end with the park because all through the city one can drive the neighborhoods and find beautiful displays of Christmas lights.
OKlahoma Festival of Light
The 43 acre city park in Chickasha, Oklahoma is filled with lights and light displays that are a delight to see and experience. One may tour the park by driving through, walking through, and even by horse drawn carriage. There is even a Festival  of Light store and snack bar where one may buy a cup of hot cocoa or Festival of Light souvenirs.
Chickasha Oklahoma Festival of Light
If you are near Chickasha, Oklahoma, I would encourage you to not miss this. The beautiful light displays are so wonderful that there are many weddings held at the park during the Festival of Light. Many bus tours visit this attraction and during each season there are approximately 300,000 visitors who come through. The line to get into the park can sometimes be long but well worth any wait.
Festival of Lights Christmas, Oklahoma
The lighted bridge with it's 75,000 lights, is a gorgeous place for a bride to walk towards her groom. I must confess that it's beauty never fails to give me a sense of childlike wonder. It is one of my favorite displays in the park because of it's wonderland like beauty. I find myself lingering here each time I walk the park.
Festival of light Chickasha, Oklahoma
The Chickasha, Oklahoma Festival of Light is not to be missed. I believe it will delight you and your family just as much as it has mine for the past 21 years since its beginning.  Be sure to see it if you can.

Statistic information for this post is from www.chickashafestivaloflight.com visited on 12/30/13

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Wow, that is a lot of lights. Similar to what we have here in San Antonio, but yall have way more lights! Thanks for following Hope Whispers, here to return the favor! Happy New Year!