Why Is It? Things I Want To Ask God.

Why Is It?
Why is it that when given a chance to sleep in an extra hour I find myself waking up at the same time (not by the clock it says an hour earlier)?

Why is it that when I let my dogs in from being outside because they are whining and laying at the door then they want to rough house when they get in?

Why is it that after I get all the beds changed with clean sheets then suddenly I get company (not complaining though, just wondering)?

Why is it that after I get all my floors mopped then something gets spilled or tracked in?

Why is it that my hamper can be completely empty but clothes get dropped on top of it or right beside it rather than inside?

 Why is it that the day after my lawn gets mowed those darn dandelions poke their stems up?

Why is it that my garden can be weeded one day and have new weeds the next day?

Why do children remember the things you didn't do more than the things you did do?

Why is it that there are always socks missing or extra socks (either way you look at it) when the laundry is finished?

Why is it that men drop their socks and underwear on the floor?

Why is it that kids start asking "are we there yet?" a few minutes after getting down the road?

Why do we want to do the very thing we are told not to do? Even better, why do our kids do that?

Why is it that when I have cash then suddenly someone around me needs money?

Why is it that when I am sick, my fever goes up and I always feel worse when night comes?

Why is it that I always find the things I have been looking for when I have the least money?

Why is it that unexpected company shows up when the house is messy and not when it is clean? Or they show up at supper when you only fixed fish sticks for supper?

Why is it that the trip always seems longer when you are going back home?

Why is it that bad news gets spread faster than good news?

Have you ever had thoughts like this? I know that I do. I have even said that when I get to Heaven some day then these are on my list of things I want to ask. I bet I forget to ask them. They are the kinds of things that are asked at the moment it happens but quickly the thought passes. I wonder why that is? Just saying!
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