Nothing To Say

Image of flowers with saying...don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say
In the beginning, I started this blog because I had something to say. I know it must seem odd, but sometimes I really do not have anything to say...well, that isn't quite right, I always have something to say, it just isn't always good.  My parents always taught me that if I don't have anything good to say then don't say anything at all. Those words have served me well in my lifetime.
I have learned the hard way about the wisdom of those words.  It used to be because I didn't want my mouth to get me in trouble in some way that I needed to heed those words.  As I have grown older, it is because I truly do not want to do harm to others, to the situation, or to myself, that I try to listen to those words.  When I was younger it was easy to give people a piece of my mind when they hurt me or angered me, but that was not right or wise. It never really made me feel better and it really, only served to put more fuel on the very fiery feelings that I was trying to get rid of by expelling them onto others. I can not remember one single instance where doing so gave me advantage in any way whatsoever. It didn't make me stronger, It definitely didn't make me feel better or look better to others; and it did not accomplish one positive thing.

I know now that it is better to keep my mind for myself and instead to exhibit self control over my tongue.  I have found similar truth in the Scriptures.  Words really can do harm to others (I don't care what that sticks and stones saying says).  I would lay odds that every single one of you have been harmed by words from another. How would your life have been different if those harmful words had been different? What if instead, those words had been encouragement or positive in some way that inspired you to do greater things?
 Do you think it might have made your path in life a bit better? There are so many times in life when we get so focused on getting vengeance on someone, or beating out someone, or trying to make ourselves feel better by making someone else feel bad, that we forget that none of it really helps.  What if instead, we focus on trying to speak positive encouraging words to others no matter what.  Think about it...Hitler became a monstrous person after experiencing negative words that crushed his dreams of being an artist.  What if someone had given him encouragement in his art instead?  What if someone had been there to give him true words of love that inspired him to love others rather than to hate.  How many lives would maybe be different because of those words? Maybe he could have eventually painted beautiful things that inspired or maybe his paintings would have just given him joy because he was doing something he enjoyed. The point is that words have power in all of our lives.  That power can harm and hinder or it can encourage and build up.
I am not always able to speak encouraging words that build up others in certain situations because I am still a work in progress. Because I do not want to harm or hinder even those who would want to harm me, I choose instead to say, nothing at all.  I know how hard that can be. I am not always perfect in that endeavor (in fact I have failed many times) but I have decided that it is a goal that I want to achieve. I want to be thought of as a person who, when given the opportunity to get even with those who have done her harm, spoke words of affirmation or if unable to do that, had nothing to say 
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