In Between...

I finally finished my training in HeartSync. It was a happy day for me when I received the news that I was released to do HeartSyncs on my own now.  I have spent countless hours getting my training and now the goal that I have long looked forward to is here.  Funny thing is that now it is here, I feel a little bit at a loss.  I have spent so many months travelling 2 or 3 times a week, 100 miles away to Abilene and back that it kind of feels strange now not to have to make the regular trips.  I also miss seeing all my new friends from class.  Is that strange?  I had looked forward to finishing for so long and finally it happened but here I am at a loss and "in between".
Now what? I know I need some intercessors to help me when I do HeartSyncs, and I guess that I could hit the streets and find them but I don't like to do things like that anymore (once that would have been my move). I guess life has taught me to not be so impatient and definitely to enjoy the ride.  I know that the same God who called me to get the training will not let me down now.  He has worked far too hard to get me to this point so, that means he will raise up the right intercessors at just the right moment.  I am excited to do my first HeartSyncs in my community but I will be patient to let God continue His work behind the scenes until He is ready to put me out on the scene.  I guess that all of this means I am in a time of transition.
Times of transition can be tricky at times. They are usually a bit frustrating and sometimes can seem to take far too long. I have been through several in my lifetime. They are kind of like going from a nice room to a tight hallway or stairway. It isn't necessarily unpleasant but it isn't really where you want to be either. The thing is that it is necessary to go through these kinds of times in order to take you to the next place.It would be so easy to become frustrated, depressed, or come to a standstill in times like this but that does not get you into the next place faster. In fact it slows things down. It can seem like nothing is happening but I have found that in times like this is when God is working the most behind the scenes.
He has saved us from so many disasters when we have allowed Him to move things at His pace rather than our own. This is where that 20/20 hindsight comes in. During this transition, I plan to enjoy it more. I want to really look around and look inside and reflect on my life, and do all the things that I don't have time for at other times in my life. It is a good time to look at and enjoy the trees and not just the forest. Who knows what beautiful things might happen.
This means, I will try to enjoy the place I am in and take full advantage of the little space where I have extra time on my hands. I am reading some books that are on my pile;cleaning out some closets, drawers, and corners; I am writing on my blog more;  I have tackled my master bathroom... I have torn the wallpaper down and am now ready to lightly texture the walls. I am also spending time on some other ongoing projects that I have had and I think I will finally get into that studio of mine and actually paint some pictures...maybe.(why do I keep avoiding that one, it should be the most fun?)
Anyway, I hope this one goes smoother than the "in betweens" of my past. I will keep you updated and hopefully soon, this time of "in between" will pass and things will again begin to move towards my next new place.
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