The Best Potato Soup Ever

The Best Potato Soup Ever Recipe
Don't tell the people in my little town, (They think I don't cook much) but, I really do know how to cook.  I have even come up with a few recipes of  my very own over the years that have become some of my family's favorites. My children often call me asking for the recipe to one recipe or another because they want to cook it for their hubby or their friends.  Some of those recipes are written in a little book I made of my favorite recipes but there are a few that I have not documented so...I guess maybe...I should...share them.  Usually, I am reluctant to share them but I have been thinking lately that others should get to try them too...so here goes...

I grew up eating potato soup of the plain variety.  It was always good but I always imagined that it could be better.  After I was married, I tried many recipes that others shared with me and  I was still disappointed. They just never had quite as much flavor as I desired in my soup.  One cold blustery day, I decided that I would experiment a little and this is the recipe that I came up with, It is one of those naughty Paula Deen type recipes with real butter and real cream. Oh my is it good!

The Best Potato Soup Ever
1 lb Bacon, Cut in 1-2 inch pieces                              
 Yellow Onion, diced                                                  
7-8 Large Brown Potatoes peeled & diced                   
1 8oz. pkg Velveeta Cheese Shreds                             
3 C Milk
3T Real Salted Butter (you read right!)
1 pt Whole Cream
3-4 T Flour
Salt, Pepper, Bacon Bits

In 2 qt Soup pan add diced and peeled potatoes along with enough water to cover the potatoes at least 1-2 inches. Cook on high heat until potatoes are soft. (I like my potatoes to be very soft and falling apart but you can have them cooked less if you like them that way.) While this is cooking, in a large saucepan fry the bacon and onion until done. I like some of the bacon to be crispy but most of the bacon is not crispy at all. After this is cooked, I drain the oil off and place the mix in another bowl. In the same saucepan I melt 3 T of real salted butter (it adds so much flavor!) I then add 3-4 T flour to the melted butter. I mix this well. Next I create a roux white sauce by adding about 3 C milk.  To this I add the cream (The cream can be left out if less calories are desired).  I stir this over high heat until it thickens into a nice gravy consistency. A whisk works well to break up the bits of flour and butter that try to clump. By this time the potatoes should be close to done.  When they are done, Do Not Drain!  Add the roux, and add the bacon/onion mixture directly to the pot of potatoes and hot water.  Next, add the cheese shreds and then season with salt and pepper as desired.  Your soup is ready to serve!  I always try to make a huge pot of this soup so there will be leftovers and my family loves it so much that many times they eat the whole pot. You can garnish with a few cheese shreds and bacon bits if you are having company. 
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mona said...

Thank you, Debbie.

Shaunna said...

I can't wait to try this Potato Soup. You are right, nothing beats real butter AND real cream. Looking forward to more great recipes and getting to know you better through the SITS tribe! Shaunna @Tempting Thyme