Taos New Mexico

Taos New Mexico Red Door
While on our recent vacation to the mountains we had the privilege to visit a nearby city named Taos, New Mexico. This beautiful gem of a city, located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is full of history, culture, art, and beautiful Adobe Pueblo architecture. This city has been home to many famous people including Kit Carson, Padre Jose Antonio Martinez, Don Diego de Vargas, Ernest Blumenschein, Bert Phillips, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Ansel Adams, Wila Cather, Carl Jung, Georgia O'Keefe, D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Wolfe, Thornton Wilder,  Leopold Stokowski, John Nichols, Julia Roberts, and many others. The list is just far too long to name all of them.
View of Street in Taos New Mexico
The name, Taos, means "place of red willows." in the Taos language. This makes me wonder if they settled here because of a good source of water. There must have been a good source at one time if there were willow trees. It is always interesting to me why people settle in one place or another. The city takes it's name from the Native American Indian Village which borders the city called Taos Pueblo. This is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America because it was established more than 900 years ago and is still inhabited today (I bet that surprises a few pilgrims.) That says a lot to me about the redemptive purpose that God has for this people, this city and this land.
New Mexico Flag Flying near Light Blue pillar
 I love the architectural style of the city. The turned wood pillars, the adobe structures, the desert colors of the buildings with the bright colorful accents. Although the streets are narrow and congested, that didn't seem to be a detraction because it slowed you down enough to see the beautiful sights in the downtown area. I wonder if they planned it that way?  I know it certainly made me happy and I hope to go back soon to explore the streets and the Plaza much closer.
Painting on building in Taos New Mexico
 I also hope to take a closer look at some of the art in this city, rich with artists, art galleries, and and beautiful sights. Hopefully, I will also get to take a peek at what is behind those alluring gates, and doorways sprinkled throughout the city. These features also speak of the redemptive gifts of God that this city has. I would love to see some intercessors rise up in this city to help bring that forth.
Taos Store Front
 Again, I must make note of the fact that when business people take the time to put flowers outside their business then it definitely makes me want to stop and see what else is inside that building that is decorated so beautifully with plants and flowers. The businesses of Taos absolutely inspire that response from me. If they take the time and effort to beautify the outside then how wonderful must the inside be?
Taos building with stacked stone facing
 I loved how the builders used the rock on the face of this adobe building. Everywhere I looked there were ideas that drew my eye and beautiful things to rest my eyes upon.
Bauman Art Gallery in Taos New Mexico
 This is one of the art galleries that I plan to go back and take a closer look inside. Check out that gorgeous aqua woodwork, not to mention the beautiful flowers, and art. Just looking quickly around this city inspires me to paint and craft art. No wonder so many artistic types are attracted here.
Pink FBC Church Taos New Mexico
 I must say this church is quite a bright pink color but in this city it works. 
Plaza Camino Imports Store Front Taos New Mexico
 Doesn't this display make you want to stop and shop? It certainly drew my attention.
Colorful Store Front Taos New Mexico
 This business drew my eye immediately with it's beautiful display of chairs, art, and flowers. How could I resist those colors? And those chairs are just begging me to stop and take a seat for a little bit.
Huge Fishing Lure Sculpture Taos New Mexico
Another endearing feature that I notice in Taos is that they do not limit their art to just the art gallery walls. They like to feature it on their buildings, in front of their businesses, in their park, inside their businesses and many other places throughout the city. Just one more reason to pause a bit in this place.
Beautiful New Mexico Style Porch Taos New Mexico
Wouldn't this porch be a nice place to seek respite from the sun and enjoy the beautiful sights of the city from. I can just imagine sitting there in a wooden rocking chair with a large glass of Iced tea just watching the world go by.
American Flag flies near New Mexico Style Porch Taos New Mexico
Taos, New Mexico is one of the few places where the American flag may be displayed day and night. This is because during the Civil war, Kit Carson placed guards around the flag 24 hours a day to prevent Confederate sympathizers from removing it. In the face of much threat the flag stood. How is that for being patriotic?

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Taos. I know that I enjoyed it and I plan to go back again very soon.

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