10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs To Join Google+

10 Reasons your business should join Google+
1. Google+ has crossed the 1 Billion user threshold, and it is still climbing, that is an excellent reason to sit up and take notice of Google+. If you have a business and have been trying to avoid Google+ in the hopes that it would not matter, then you may just miss a huge opportunity.  I know that small town businesses and small businesses especially, tend to overlook this opportunity. Many have discovered how Facebook and Twitter can actually bring customers in the door with sale updates, new merchandise updates, or specials. The same can be true with Google+ but overall the Google+ social media is being ignored by many businesses and that can cost them customers.  All of this information is true for schools, organizations, and churches as well.

2. How would it make you feel to know that your business may already have a page on Google that is being seen by many?  Would that be reason to take a look? Did you know that Google Maps is closely linked to Google+?  I know you are wondering why that is a reason to look at G+. If your business has an address and if you have customers with a smart phone then you need to pay attention!  Google has become a GIANT. They have many, many pieces of the business pie so to speak. One of those pieces is Google Maps. When someone types in your business address (or even home address) into Google Maps to find directions to your business then they will find a page with your business listed.

3.When someone "Googles" your business name and/or address then they will find that same information along with any information Google can find on the Internet about that address and business. Go ahead "Google" your business name and address. You will find Google pages from Google Maps and quite possibly you will find a Local Google+ Page for your business. If there is not one then it is only a matter of time before there will be one. A huge reason  to consider this social media.

4. If there is a Local Google+ Page for your business, then on it you will find a map, address and phone numbers, possibly photos, videos, and reviews of your business.  Today's online and now offline business is all about the reviews.  Amazon, Ebay, and now even offline businesses.  They all use reviews to let the customer know if this is a valid, trustworthy, good value for your money business. Most people will leave reviews if they have had wonderful service or terrible service. When I look for a vet, medical service, hotel, restaurant, etc then you can bet I look at the reviews and so do many other people.  I found my wonderful vet this way. He didn't have a website at the time but he did have a Google page that he didn't even know about.  This is how I found a locksmith when my mom locked her keys in her trunk in downtown Oklahoma City.  Reviews determined who I would call. This has become the new yellow pages/address/telephone book for people with smart phones because it is quicker to just "Google it" than to find the yellow pages website. I think that should be a reason to look closer.

Rainbow and black Plus Sign for Google Plus5. People with smart phones love to "Check In". "Checking In" is a way of letting the world know where they (or at least their phone anyway) is at the moment so their friends can find them.  This information along with a link to the business they check into is then posted on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Many who check in will leave reviews especially if the service is great or terrible. Do you see where this is heading? If you do not have a website (and even if you do) then people who Google for directions to find you or "Check In" at your business or even at other local businesses will see this Google+ page along with any information there. Someone Checking in to your business might be another good reason to pay attention here.
6. When someone "Googles" your business and there is a Verified by you Google+ page then they are given the option to follow you right at the search results. They do not even have to click on the page to do it! That means the chance that your follower count will go up quicker is much larger. That is reason enough for me to join.

7. Another big reason is SEO. Most people who are not tech savvy will not understand this part but SEO determines what order items come up in a Google search on the internet.  The better your SEO then the higher in the search you will be listed. Think about it. If you have a verified Local Google+ page that you spend time making posts on then when someone searches for a plumber in your area and if you are a plumber then your chances of being the first listing goes up.  That is like being the Largest ad in the Yellow pages and it only takes a bit of time.

8. Another way that Google+ has connected to people has been through photos.  Many Photo sites, social media and websites use Google Maps widgets to tag photos with a place. Every time your business name is named in a tag then that photo goes up on your Google+ page with your business name. People enjoying themselves and smiling at your business is good for business.  Can you see that? It is going to happen whether you claim your page or not but what about the photos that people took of your business on a bad day.  Maybe the roof fell in or a truck ran through the front door. It happens and there always seems to be someone there to snap a photo upload it and then tag where it was.

9. Bloggers love to write about the places they have visited and/or promote the people who have been wonderful to them (or not) and this blogger is no exception to that rule.  Within my Blogger software is a built in widget that allows me to tag and link to a place. Anywhere I want!  Can you follow where this is going? That tag and link will go directly to Google maps which then creates a Google+ page.  Hopefully that blogger is writing something really great about your business but sometimes it can be negative reviews.(Here is that review word again.) Reviews matter! How would it look if there was an entire blog post on your Google+ page that gave a negative review and you didn't even answer back a response or even know? Maybe one of your employees stripped naked and was rude one day when you went to mail out the invoices?(It happens) I believe that might be information you would like to know before the entire world knew so that the problem can be dealt with.  Maybe you can reach out to the blogger and make amends or if it is just a bad review of your product then you can fix it and ask the Blogger to consider a followup review.  There are any number of ways to handle it but if you do not show up at all the world will not have another view

10. Can you see why it is wise for you to take control and manage the page that is going to be there anyway? At least you can edit wrong information and you can make sure that photos and videos are a positive reflection of your business. You can add your branding, and you can respond to the negative reviews explaining what happened or saying that the problem has been fixed.  The best news is that it will cost you only information and that is information that you want the world to know about your business anyway.  All you have to do is go to your Google+ Business Page and Claim it.

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You can claim your page by going to the page ("Google" your business name and address). When you get to the page scroll down and you will find on the lower right side a red pin in a box asking "Is this your business?" In that same box is a button that says "Manage This Page" Click that button. This will take you to the Google sign in page. If you are a user of Google products then sign in. If you are not then you will need to create a Google profile account and then it will take you to the page to Verify your business so that you can manage your Local business Google+ page.  Do it. As a business owner it is always best to control as much of the information on your business as possible and you never know who might be looking for a business just like yours.

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