Gates of Heaven or hell

Psalm 24:7 over photo of sunlight breaking through clouds in sky
Have you been having a tough week? Does it seem like the enemy is attacking you from every direction? Do you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up? There is help to be had. There is hope.  Did you know that you are a gate of Heaven or Hell? You get to decide which is released to work in your life. You decide! I know you must be wondering how in the world you decide what is at work in your life but it is true. Every word, every deed, every thought opens a gate. It can be a gate of Heaven or it can be a gate of hell. (I won't capitalize that place).

When you curse someone or even yourself or your land or your dog then you have just released hell to be at work. When you bless someone or you do a kindness or "pay it forward" or you are thankful in every situation then you release Heaven.  Does that give a whole new meaning to God's will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven? God is waiting for you to decide to open the gates of Heaven.  Does that help you to see the dos and don'ts of the Bible in a new way?

God does not NEED our worship or thankfulness. Yes he desires it, but it is ultimately because WE need our worship, faith, and thankfulness towards God. We release Heaven on Earth every time we tithe, worship, act with thanksgiving or faith, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, think on good and holy things, etc. We must not do these things under compulsion but in love, faith, and worship towards him. Do you get that? He wants good for us because He is good and he refuses to force Himself on us so He waits for us to invite Him with our thoughts, words and deeds.

There is even more good news! Did you know that when you are "In One Accord" with other believers that the effect is multiplied.  Look in Acts 2 and then Acts 4. What happened to multiply God's power in their lives?  If you look they met together in one accord and prayed together. That means if you lock your shield of faith together with others' shields then the faith that arises, the answers to prayer, the power of God in your life will be multiplied.

Does it feel like the enemy is coming in like a flood? Does the attack feel overwhelming? This is not the time for "demented defeat" it is time to lift the standard of the Lord, lock your shields of faith together let faith arise,  lift up your heads and let the King of Glory come in.
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