Mountain Critters

Angel Fire New Mexico Ground Squirrel Standing on a Rock
 We just arrived back home from vacation this past week and I am excited to share with you. We went to Angel Fire, New Mexico this year and we had a wonderful time. We drove the nearby towns and back roads seeing all the beautiful sights we could find. Along the way we saw a few critters that I thought I would share with you. On some property we were considering, we found some prairie dogs. I wonder if they will stay if we end up building there? I hope so.
2 Robins searching for food on ground
 I know it isn't a great picture but just below our condo we saw these birds. I am not certain what kind they were but I enjoyed watching them hop around looking for something good to eat.
Closeup photo of Chipmunk on rock
 This little fella was playing on the rocks on some other property we took a look at. Isn't he a cutie?
Closeup of Chipmunk on rock sideview
 I know chipmunks and prairie dogs can really be a nuisance to people but their cuteness factor is just over the top. Maybe that is why God made them so cute, since they can be such a problem.
Deer in Field of Grass Angel Fire New Mexico
 We saw lots of deer while we traveled the back roads. They are so beautiful. It always puts me in awe a little bit when I see them.
Buck Deer in Field of Grass Angel Fire New Mexico
 This gorgeous guy was very near the doe in the above picture. Isn't he beautiful too?
Closeup of bird with red back on rock Angel Fire New Mexico
 This pretty guy was hopping around near a gas station where we were getting gas. He posed for me so, of course I had to snap his picture.
View of 4 Mountain Goats from Rio Grand Gorge Bridge
 We saw these mountain goats under the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge. It doesn't look like much of a picture but that is because they were very far down from where I was on the bridge.
Bear Hole entrance near Cimmaron New Mexico
There are many more critters that can be seen near Angel Fire like the one that used to live in this cave. This is a bear hole very near the highway along the Cimmaron River so, I imagine the homeowner moved to a home farther away from so much activity. I would have enjoyed seeing a bear but only if I was at a safe distance or in a safe place where that bear couldn't reach me. We did see another sight though that I missed with my camera (awwwwwwww and it was so cool too! I only had my phone camera with me!). We saw a doe with a fawn eating. When we drove up on them and the fawn moved away so that our car was between him and his mama. AS we watched to see what he would do,  he went towards something moving in the woods. It was a large male elk that had bedded down in a clearing. I was a little nervous about what would happen when the baby deer approached him but was relieved when I saw him nuzzle up next to the elk and the elk actually nuzzled him back. My hubby and our friend were pretty adamant that the doe and fawn were actually deer so it was an amazing sight to see. (Oh how I wish I had captured it on film!) We decided the young buck elk must have been forced out of the herd by an older buck and so he befriended the deer. Sounds almost like the movie "Open Season", one of my favorites. That explanation made us happy anyway. I hope you enjoyed seeing the critters we saw in the mountains. I know that I definitely did.

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