I Need a Vacation!

I need a vacation!!!
 Do you ever get to the place where you just need a vacation? A time to leave your normal life and step into another place to get a different view on things? A place where you can rest and not think about all the normal stuff? A place where troubles are far away?  I think we all need that sometimes.  Even Jesus would sneak away for mini vacations with His Dad. What do you like to do on vacation? Some people like to go around the bend when they go on vacation but that just isn't my style.

Although I do like the song.
 I am more the type to go fishing in a really pretty spot
Or I like to go stay in a really nice hotel somewhere
Or go somewhere I can find pretty flowers
Especially if there are lots of flowers!
Sometimes I like to go to the beach to play
Or go see family and friends up on the high plains
Sometimes it is nice to just stay home and rest
There are some things for sure though, I want to go relax
I want to see old friends
I want to drive off into the sunset
And I want to smell pine trees.
Can you guess where I might be going?
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