Spending Time With A Veteran

Did you know that the red poppy is used to remember our veterans who have given their lives?  I only know because our local Legion brought some paper poppies up to our school one year when I was a kid to help us learn about Memorial day. It comes from a poem called In Flander's Fields by John McCrae I thought it was kind of cool and so I wore it.

I know I have been a bit absent here on my blog lately and I do apologize.  I should have let you know where I am and I promise to try and do better at that.

I am spending my time at a Veteran's hospital in Oklahoma City at the moment with my dad.  He had surgery and it is taking him a bit of time to get back on his feet so to speak.

It is a nice hospital with doctors who come over from the OU Medical center. I believe our veterans should get the best because they laid everything down for our country and I believe that should be rewarded.  I am grateful for all that I have and I realize there were many who died so that I can have it.  Thank you to all those veterans who fought and died and  to those who were prepared to fight and die. I pray blessings to each and every one of you.

Hopefully soon, my dad will be well again and  I will be back at home with things back to normal.  Until then, please know I am still here.
Until Next Time
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