On The Road Again

Hello everyone. I am stopping by to check in with everyone. I have been on the road again.
This time I went to visit a little tiny place in Oklahoma.  Some think it is a ghost town but for me it is a beloved place from my childhood where every place I look is a wonderful memory of someone or something that makes me smile. We had some excitement the first night because of some tornadoes that touched down just east of us. They went on to devastate the Oklahoma City area even more.  I have to say it is a bit nerve wracking when storms threaten but it is even worse to watch on T.V. as it goes the direction of places where I have loved ones living.  Thankfully they are all OK.  Things settled down after that to a nice peaceful lull which is just what we needed after the busyness of our lives lately.
It is so nice to get back to such a beautiful simple place where every where you look is something beautiful and have beautiful memories to go with it. The peace and beauty and memories of this place really is healing to my spirit and soul.  I think that is because in this place I find the person of peace so much closer to me.  Even now looking at the pictures from this place, that old hymn "Oh how I love Jesus" is in my head.
I love when I can slow down long enough to enjoy the simple things in life that are around me and in this place it seems to be a bit easier. I find myself in constant thankfulness and prayer when I visit here. There is just something about quietness that allows me to enter into the presence of peace.
In this world of constant  technology, communication, and motion it is so easy to be overwhelmed by noise and activity. Some days I struggle even to get the noise out of my head. I am so thankful to have respites like this to help me empty my head of noise and over thinking of things. 
The sounds are so soothing here. I love listening to the whippoorwill singing, and the hum of the hummingbird wings, the cry of a hawk, the hoots of an owl, and the drone of a tractor engine as it cuts hay.  Those are sounds of peace to me.  Sounds that help me relax and take it all in.
The smell of newly mown hay is also soothing and restful to me.  It reminds me of childhood days spent here in this same place with my grandparents.  Those were such happy days for me.  Days without TV because it was so much more interesting to sit and watch the beautiful world outside the door or to explore the canyon just over the hill, or climb the Indian mounds visible from here, or to play in the dirt or climb into the mulberry tree for a sweet snack.
Why is it that we let so much time go by between visits to places like this?  Why do we let ourselves get worn down to a frazzle before we stop and enjoy?  Why do we struggle so much to keep real balance in our lives.  Balance of work and rest and play. All those things are needed.  They just need to be kept in balance. I must remember that.  Even when I can't come to this physical place to get into peace, I can step out into my garden and find that same peace.  Peace waits for us to notice Him and spend time with Him.  Even if I am not in a beautiful physical place, I can close my eyes and right there He is waiting on me.
Peace that surpasses all understanding, peace that heals, peace that restores, and reveals things to me. "Oh how I love Jesus, Oh how I love Jesus...
Until Next Time

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