Home At Last

Capitol building in Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I finally made it home from Oklahoma City!  Yea!!!  I love visiting my parents and I love Oklahoma as well as Oklahoma City but it is so very good to be home again.  There just isn't a bed or a chair that feels as good as my own.  Am I showing my age?  That is OK it still feels sooooooo good to be home.
Do you want to hear something a bit crazy?  I have been going to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma my entire life and I don't think that I laid eyes on the Capitol building even once in all those years until this last visit.  Isn't that crazy?  I know!  When I think about that it just makes me say, "Wow!"  How could that happen?  I was there so many times and so much time and not even once.
It was such a shock when I was following my mom to the VA Hospital and I looked up to see it.  There it was and it was so beautiful!  How do we miss something so important and so beautiful?  This got me thinking (which can be a dangerous thing sometimes).  I began to think about how many of us go through our life doing our thing.  Work, play, home and see someone or some place every single day of our lives and still not truly know that person or place quite as much as we think we do.  I realized that I don't want to take anyone or any place for granted again because you never know when they just might surprise you with something really great.  Pay attention!  You may be missing a really big blessing.  I do not want to miss any of my blessings.  I want to scoop up every single one no matter how large or small.
Look around you, look closer to those things and those people that God has placed around you.  I bet there are some things you are missing.  What are they?  If you don't know then look closer and ask God to show you what you are missing.  You may just be amazed and blessed.
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