Prayers For Oklahoma

As I write this post I am watching Fox News Channel coverage of the tornado devastation in the beloved state of Oklahoma where I was born and have spent so much time.  I am thankful to report that my family who were in Moore, Oklahoma have all reported that they are OK.  Although they each had close calls, they are safe and their homes are safe. It is such a hard thing to see such devastation.  We are under Tornado Watch today here in Texas and it is sobering to know how easily this same thing can happen in my own city or any number of other cities where I have loved ones.  I know many of you who do not live in places where tornadoes are a threat, wonder why we stay.  Most will stay and rebuild for the same reasons that people who survive hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or any devastating thing stay and rebuild. It is simple, they love the place where they live. Bad things can happen no matter where you live and sometimes they actually do happen.

I am praying for all those affected by the tornado and watching the news hoping for good news of survivors found.  I am hoping they discover that some of those children went home with loved ones and are not under the rubble. A pat on the back to all those who help in the search and to Fox News Channel for giving us news coverage on this heart rending happening.
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