Grrrrrrrr...One Of Those Weeks

This past week has been one of those weeks.  Do you ever have those? You know what I mean don't you?  Those kind where things just seem to go wrong and frustration sets in.  That is what mine was like.  I lost two of my beloved cats.  Zara died on Monday and then on Thursday I had to have little Gracie Lou put to sleep (sadness and tears)  I am pretty certain that my beloved Mr. Buttons has been two timing me.  He finally showed up after being AWOL for 2 weeks.  Someone had trimmed his hair (I say, get your own cat!)  I have 3 huge dogs in my house (all Rhodesian Ridegebacks).  2 are a handful but 3 are a houseful, especially when one is depressed because her owner left her behind in order to go on vacation. When she arrived she promptly jumped into my mother's lap.  Have you ever had a 90 pound dog jump in your lap?  I can tell you that it is quite shocking.  She also keeps jumping into my bed which is not OK. All 3 of the dogs and my daughter's visiting Westie decided to take a swim in my pond which has all of them really stinky (I just don't have the heart to bathe them right now...sigh).   I won't even go into the dog and cat hair that I am vacuuming up every day. Our pup Rosie is only 4 months old and she is quite a handful by herself.  She is still resisting being potty trained despite my insistence and she has been in trouble most of the week because she keeps chewing up my new plants and their plastic containers that I have been unable to plant because the weather has been bipolar.  I sure hope this winter to summer thing stops long enough for us to have a proper spring.  I also pray we will get more rain.  Our soil has turned to dust which does not make for much of a garden. I really have spring fever bad right now and those plants that need to be planted are only making my symptoms worse.  If that isn't bad enough, my son was so thoughtful to bring me a huge pile of laundry to do and just when I thought it was all done he brought me another and I still have all of mine to get done too because I was so busy running back and forth to a class I am taking (100 miles away). Believe it or not there is sooooooo much more that I could tell you about this week (those were just the highlights).  I am going to leave it with that because I don't want you to feel as overwhelmed as I have been feeling this week. Despite it all, I still say that life is good and so is God.  It is having weeks like this that serve to highlight that for me.  I couldn't do it without Him.  He is so good to make sure that I have just what I need when I need it and He is so good to comfort me when my heart is sad.  Thank you God, thank you for all that you do and for all that you are.  This week you have been my strong tower, my hiding place, my comforter, my provider and so many other things. Thank you.
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