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I was thinking about how hard it is to really get to know people because of the busyness of life and I decided to share some things that most of you may not know about me. I am hoping some of you will share about yourselves too (Big breath)...Here goes...

I love Crocs. The brighter the color they are, the better I love them.  I think they were the best invention since air conditioning (well, almost).  When I purchased my first pair my dear hubby was trying so very hard to gently steer me to a nice unobtrusive khaki, or navy color (poor guy) but I wasn't cooperating.  I picked bright candy pink.  I know he was shuddering inside wondering what the neighbors would think (the navy ones above are his by the way).  Since that day it has been pink, bright blue, purple, and lime green all the way baby.

I love to wear hats when I garden  I have one hat that I had been gardening in for years.  It had a big flower on it. My friends and family would beg me to not let the neighbors see it.  They wanted me to find one not quite so wacky looking but again, I wasn't cooperating. I refused to give into peer pressure for a long long time.  I finally found a new hat to wear (only because the other one would blow off my head in a stiff wind and that can be annoying).  My family was so relieved but they will be horrified to know I have plans to put a great big hot pink flower on that hat too.(hehehehe).

When I find clothing that I really like then I will buy it in every color and pattern.  I love to look in style but comfort always comes first. I am a bit funny in my fashion style because it is a bit bipolar.  You never know what you are going to get.  I may wear the most fashion forward style and color along with jewelry and every accessory in place or you may find me in my most ratty, comfy clothes ever and some days I might stay in my pj's all day (well, lots of days I do that).  I promise they are "G" rated.  Some days I will even sneak out and garden in my pj's.
If I were stuck on a dessert island and could have only 1 luxury then I would want my sharp shooter. Think about it...this is the perfect tool if you could have only one.  You can scrape a rock with it and make sparks for a fire, you can dig with it, you can kill with it (if you need to), you can hammer with it, you can cut with it, you can use it as a cane to walk with, you can do lots of stuff with this one thing (is it crazy that I have thought this out?) Yep, this is the one thing I would want (if I could only have one that is).
I cry every time I lose an animal.  I have lots of cats (well, only 4 cats, birds and chickens and you would think I would get used to them dying but I don't.  I have great respect for life (no I am not a vegetarian either) and it is just something I can not get used to and I never want to get so hardened that I don't mourn their death even if it is only a tear or two.  This has been a very sad week for me, by the way,  my dear sweet Zara died very early Monday morning.  I will miss her sweetness so very much. 

I was born in Oklahoma but only lived there the first year of my life, after that, I lived in Wichita, Kansas until I was 11 (just old enough to really start enjoying the mall and big city life).  We then moved to a small Texas town of about 400 people (Yikes! Culture shock!).  To this day, I love to visit the big city and I love the rural small town Texas life too.  One weird little thing is that I only live about 40 miles from Wichita Falls, Texas.  Two Wichitas in my life, how weird is that?

I enjoy doing laundry.  I love washing the clothes, folding the clothes, putting them away.  I really do enjoy it all except 1 little part.  I absolutely hate putting the clothes from the washer to the dryer and taking them out of the dryer.  I don't know why.  It is just one of my quirks.  I really don't like that part (sigh) but it has to be done so I do it.

Sometimes when I am going to be home alone a couple of days, (don't tell my kids I do this) I will go to the store buy a couple of packs of Grape Bubble Yum and then I will chew one right after another till the flavor is all gone and then chew another (isn't that a naughty childish thing?) It has been a long time since I have done that and it is really hard to find that kind of gum these days.

I love murder mysteries.  I especially love to watch Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Magnum P.I. and Columbo.  I know, that is really goofy isn't it?  There are several others I could name too.  Chick flicks and cheezy murder mysteries...that is me.  My very favorite movie is Fools Rush In.  My favorite movie quote is from that movie, "You are everything I never knew I wanted." Sometimes my dear hubby will tell me that.

People from Lipscomb County, Texas know this part about me but others probably don't...I am known in that county for painting a panther pink (the mascot of Follett, Texas our neighboring town).  Yep, I did it.  I did it more than once actually.  This is the first time I admitted that part to anyone but God (Oh yes, that feels better. It is off my chest now). I got caught the last time I did it...well, I got tattled on anyway.  I guess, I could have lied about it except for one little thing about me is that I have a really really difficult time telling lies even when I am going to get in trouble for telling the truth. Do you want to hear the irony of this story.  I now live in a town where the school mascot is of all things a panther. (Yikes!)  Don't you know they are all wondering about me now    ( Hehehehehe).  I promise I will never paint it pink....I am thinking lime green or purple might be good (LOL).

Well, you probably know several things about me now that you never knew you wanted to know. Hopefully it wasn't too boring or too shocking.  It just goes to show you that we all have our little quirks. I would love to hear any of yours.  Oh come on and tell us!  You know you have them too!

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