10 More Things.....(I mean 5 more things)

I am part of a Blog Circle that originated from a class I took from Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons 2012.  We had a large class and it was awesome.  The material that Kelly Rae taught us as well as the amazing women who took the class are what made it so awesome.  I love that I have had the privilege of getting to know some of those women in the past year and staying connected to them.  A blog circle was born out of that class and the current subject is 10 Things I need to be creative. Hmmmmmmm, I have to think about this one.

First I need time.  Time is the most important ingredient because I consider time to be the most valuable thing I have besides my family. Time is even more valuable than money because it is limited.  We can always get more money but we cannot get more time.

Next I need inspiration.  That can come from any number of places.  It can come from nature, magazines, fabric, books, a movie, a photo, a pretty display somewhere, or even from a vision in my own heart.

My third need would be a location to be creative.  Depending on what type of creativity I am engaging in determines the place that I need.  If it is photography then that place can be just about anywhere.  If I am painting then I prefer my studio or a table somewhere but am thinking of stretching myself and painting plein air.  If I am sewing or quilting then I definitely like to be inside.

Fourth, I need materials.  I can be creative with virtually anything...that even includes food.

Next, I would say that I need to be rested.  I tend to really make mistakes that lead to even more mistakes when I am tired. Sometimes those turn out to be happy mistakes but sometimes they are not so happy so being rested really helps me to be on my creative game.

Honestly that is it for me. I guess there are only really 5 things I need for creativity.  I was going to add that I needed to be in the right mood but that isn't really true because I can still be creative even when in a bad mood.  Depression can squash some of my creativity but it tends to pop out in a different way when I am depressed, such as in my journal or something.

Creativity is such a big word for me because it isn't limited to just my painting or writing, or photography.  Creativity pops out when I sew, garden, cook, decorate, build websites or blogs, post to social media, dress, shop, dance, sing, worship or even pray...it is virtually everywhere because I am a creative person created by a creative God and put into a creation that inspires.  Creativity is everywhere for me.  Inspiration is everywhere too (especially on Pinterest...hehehe).

Be sure to go check out my friend Karrlin Bain and see what 10 things she needs in order to be creative.  She has quite a good blog called Karrlin Bain Creates that I think you will enjoy as much as I do.

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