Texasdaisey Doodles

I thought I would share some of my doodles from my art journal. I have a short post today because I have been on the run and have so much going on.  
 I have been trying to doodle in the evenings when I watch t.v.  It helps me relax and it helps me get back into the mood to paint and draw. I really enjoy the feeling of freedom I have when I doodle.  There are no mistakes and it doesn't matter what I doodle or what colors I use. I have also discovered it helps me deal with feelings that are locked up inside.  It is amazing how just writing or drawing how you feel will help you identify and deal with negative feelings and thoughts. If you feel stuck because of negative thinking maybe doodling will help you too.
Until Next Time
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Beverly said...

Love your doodles! I may have to try that!!!