Memorable Old Prints

 I found these beautiful little prints at an antique store one day. It was quite some time ago
 They are quite small.  Most of them are about 4 x 6 or smaller.
 They were sold together and had been marked down so low that I just couldn't resist them.
 The only problem is that I have no idea what I am going to do with them.
 I love the colors of these old prints.
 They all remind me of days gone by when life was simpler.
 I can remember as a kid I would see some of these prints as larger versions on the walls of homes .
 I can remember spending hours staring at some of them.  I would try to take in every single detail of them.
 Most of you have probably seen this one.  Most churches have this one somewhere.
 Do any of you remember any of these?
 Do they remind you of happy childhood days like they do me?
 All of them have so many details when you really look
 Some of them are so dreamy that I would love to just jump into the painting
 Wouldn't it be so nice to visit such lovely places?
 I am wondering if any of you have any ideas what I should do with them?
 I could frame them and group them in small groupings around my house
 Any other ideas out there?
 I would also enjoy hearing any memories these may spark in you.
 Maybe one of these hung on the walls of one of your beloved relatives?
Ideas or memories...I would love to hear them.
Until Next Time
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Loribeth Clark said...

Separate them into groups of four or more that look good together or tell a story together, then have them custom matted so each group fits into one frame. Then I'd hang them all together on a gallery wall.

Debra Howard said...

That is a great idea Loribeth. One frame would be less expensive too.

Anonymous said...

What did you finally do with them? I would love to buy some of them! They do bring back old memories. Thanks for letting me see them,

Debra Howard said...

Sorry, in pcu with covid at moment. No idea when will be able