I'm Back From The Hill Country of Texas

I am back from our little escape to the Hill Country.  Although the wildflower bloom was not as good as usual because of the devastating drought we have been experiencing, the Hill Country was beautiful.
There were wildflowers but not nearly as many as usual.  We didn't let that stop us though because even without the wildflowers that part of the country is so very beautiful.  If I could live anywhere on earth then I would probably pick the Fredricksburg, Texas area. (although I would miss having snow in winter)
Now please don't think that I do not love where I live now in Texas, because I do.  I just have a really soft spot for the Hill Country. This trip only served to reinforce those feelings.
We stayed in a little B&B that was absolutely wonderful.  I am a bit hesitant to tell you which one because it was so very awesome and so the temptation to keep it all to myself is very strong.(sigh)  I guess the right thing to do is to share it with you anyway.  I know you would enjoy the beautiful views as much as we did.
We stayed at Distant Views which is managed by Absolute Charm. The owners thought of every single thing for their Bed and Breakfast.  We would definitely recommend them to everyone.  I mean, who could possibly argue with this view?
We were blessed to watch Texas Longhorn cattle grazing on the hillside near our B&B.  What beautiful creatures they are.
The birdfeeder hanging on our deck was busy with birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
 There was even a naughty squirrel to make us laugh
There were lots of hummingbirds buzzing about and enjoying the feeder on the deck. They were so sweet.
  The mornings and evenings were my very favorite times, especially the sunsets because we had the perfect view for those. We worked to make sure we were back at sunset so that we would not miss them.

 Texas Sunsets are just so gorgeous and shouldn't be missed.  What a perfect ending to our days in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  God certainly showed his creativity in that gorgeous part of the state.
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