Wedding Bliss

I went to help decorate for a wedding this past weekend.  Wow, did it take lots of work.
 I was pretty exhausted after doing so much work decorating.
 I think it was all worth it though
Everything turned out really beautiful 
The church was beautiful 
 The plants and flowers were beautiful
 We did it on a budget though. We used many things from our homes and gardens in our decorations
We borrowed plants from a local greenhouse...of course some of them were so pretty we ended up buying some too.
The ceremony turned out absolutely beautiful.   
 We borrowed the pretty fabric for the tables and we used more items from home to decorate them with
 I think it turned out quite nice
 Seeing the pictures one wouldn't even know we had a couple of disasters happen 
 Isn't that the way of weddings though?
 There are always things that don't work out quite as planned
 We didn't let it stop us though 
 Seeing this beautiful table you would never know that the punch dispenser had accidentally fallen over and dumped sweet tea everywhere would you?  What a sticky mess that was.  No one got upset...Everyone just worked and cleaned it up and fixed the table with a new tablecloth and new tea.  Everything is all beautiful once again.
The cake came out a little tilted but in the end it was OK too.  It still tasted wonderful and no one was really certain that it wasn't supposed to be a bit tilted.  I hope the bride and groom will have a marriage reflective of their wedding.  What do I mean?  Well, life isn't perfect but how we react will determine the outcome.  If we go nuts and get all upset it really doesn't fix anything at all, but if we smile, strap on our boots and fix it the best we know how then maybe it will just turn out beautiful and happy anyway.  Those things that come out a bit off won't really matter in the end either if we keep our eye on the important parts.  The parts where we love each other no matter what. 
Yes it was a beautiful wedding with some really beautiful life lessons
I think the most beautiful part though...was the beautiful bride.  Many blessings and many happy years to you Mandy and Gabriel.  I love you dear!
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