I have noticed the word unravelled a lot around the Internet.  I see books about it, blogs about it, classes teaching about it and more.  Maybe I have a wrong impression of it but my heart cries for something far different than being unravelled. My heart and the hearts of those I minister to, cry out for wholeness.  We have pain deep down in little wounded parts of us that needs to be healed.

Some of those parts are so hidden and small that it is like trying to find a little tiny feather on the beach.  You have to pay close attention to catch it.  It can be especially hard to catch when there is not a safe place to share those parts of ourselves.  Most people,(even at church) when they ask "How are you today?" are not really asking how you are.  Truthfully they are just making small talk to fill the awkward space because they do not really know what else to say.  It really is a sad thing too because we all have these broken places inside of us that need to be healed. I have found much comfort in at least being able to share them even when true healing was not available at that time. Somehow there was a small measure of healing that came in knowing that I wasn't alone and being encouraged by others for another day.
I am the first one to admit that the enemy (most call him devil) likes to come in and cause us trouble.  We need to be vigilant to keep him out of things...but there is also ourselves.  Those parts of us that because of our past wounds just can not completely connect with God.  I'm not talking about disobedience per Se.  It is more that because of those wounds that little part of our self just does not know how to connect and trust.  Our head says that we can trust God.  Even our hearts mostly say it but there are always those little tiny parts that have been hidden deep inside of us that still doesn't know.  Do you know what I mean?  This is what drives me to continue to find wholeness rather than the promise of being unravelled.  I need healing and wholeness not unravelling.  All those parts of my heart do not need to be cast out, buried, hidden away, stuffed down, told to pray more, told to read the word more, told to worship God more, or ignored.  They need to be reunited with the rest of myself that does connect with Jesus and ultimately only Jesus can do that for me.  He knows my inward parts.  He knows my wounds, my fears, my faith, all of me.  As you can probably tell, He is working on me right now and it can really be painful at times.  Not just make you cry painful but deep gut wrenching painful and that is difficult for some people to confront because if they inquire too deeply it might just might cause their own wounded parts to surface again.  The sad part about that is that unless we know where those wounds are, how can we hold them up for Jesus to heal?  When are we as The Body of Christ going to realize that we are all just a bunch of broken, wounded, hurting children who need attention.  Not the unhealthy kind of attention that tries to always fix it (even after everything known to be done has been done...preaching to myself here), or that continues to preach (to the choir none the less) but the kind that understands that some wounds can only be healed by God Himself, The kind that offers hugs, a shoulder to cry on, an encouraging word, a person who will cry with us or offer to pray for and/or with us, a person who won't gossip, a person who won't run away from our pain but who will walk with us until that day that Jesus brings wholeness.
It is love I am talking about.  Love until the God who is Love completes us. It is love that will help me and all of us.  It is love that will help us go until we can find our wings in each situation, trial, tribulation, or search for healing.  It is the God who is love that will give us our wings to soar above the situation or through the situation.  In the meantime it is the body of Christ around us who faithfully and with love, lift us until we can fly again.
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