Ughhhhhhhh I Have A Cold!

Yes, you read the title right...Ughhhhhhhh I have a cold! The stopped up but your nose is running constantly, eyes watering, there's a sneeze,  my head hurts, really want to crawl into bed cold. It came as usual at a really bad time for me.  I really need to get several blog posts written, my vacuum waits right now in my living room to vacuum up all that dog and cat fur that accumulates daily, there are dishes in the sink, clothes in the laundry, a suitcase that needs to be packed, and lots of things for a wedding that need to be readied.  I am helping a friend with her daughter's wedding this weekend and really, I would rather just crawl into bed and sleep. But be assured, I will get er done.  I will be at that wedding with a smile on my face and ready to work. I will hopefully leave my house with all those things done. And the blog posts will hopefully get done too. I will hopefully not be too grumpy in the meantime. lol.
Until Next Time
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