Texas Wildflowers

It is usually about this time that I really start to get excited about the wildflowers that will be blooming soon.  Oh how they make my heart go pitter patter!  It almost makes up for the terrible heat of Summer that is coming soon too.

 Springtime in Texas is almost like God is giving us a little peak into what Heaven will be like.  I am convinced there will be fields of beautiful green grass dotted with lots of wildflowers. Of course Heaven must be even better than here and in Springtime it is oh so beautiful here in Texas.
 There are wildflowers of every color you can just about imagine.  Sometimes there will be fields of just one color and sometimes there are several colors mixed together.  Any way they bloom they are beautiful.  My camera gets a  workout during this part of the year like no other.
 My dear hubby has become used to me suddenly saying "Stop!" when we are travelling down a pretty country road.  He is so sweet to do just that and even to move the car to just the right spot for me to snap my pictures.  So many men would say that it was silly and keep going but not my dear hubby. He even plans an annual trip for us to go down to Fredricksburg to see the wildflowers.  They are particularly beautiful in that area.  All the pictures from this post were taken in that area.
He has already booked our bed and breakfast for the wildflowers again.  Oh how blessed I am. If you ever get a chance be sure to visit Texas during Wildflower season.  It usually falls between the middle of March all the way through April at it's height in my part of Texas and down towards Fredricksburg.  I promise it will not disappoint you.  Even with our terrible heat and drought, I already have bluebonnets growing in my garden.  They are one of my favorites because they are like little johnny jump ups that spread their seed all willy nilly and they pop up in unexpected places that surprise and thrill. You know those kinds of places you never would have thought of but yet it seems the perfect spot as they bloom.
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