Texas State Aquarium

This past summer, I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to visit the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, Texas.  It was a perfect day for a visit and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Come along with me and let me show you some of the highlights of my visit to the aquarium...
I was first thrilled to see that the entryway took you right under a waterfall.  How fun is that?
 Once inside I was amazed by all the beautiful sea creatures.  There were so many different kinds.
Don't get the idea that they only show you the creatures under the sea because that just isn't so.
Although all the aquariums were very well kept and very beautiful.  It almost boggled the mind to see so many colors and shapes and textures.
 This was one of my very favorites.  I thought their bright colors were so happy.
I especially enjoyed all the birds they had at the aquarium.  It was quite surprising to me how many they have.
I thought the Jelly fish aquariums were very beautiful and mysterious, although I wouldn't want to meet up with one while swimming in the ocean.
They seem like such gentle creatures although their sting is quite painful from what I understand
This was another favorite visit of mine.  The sea turtles were so beautiful, but don't put your fingers in because they might bite.
There was also a great display of birds of prey at the aquarium.  Surprising isn't it?
The otter show was quite funny to watch and there was quite a crowd gathered to watch their funny antics.
There was a pool where anyone who liked could pet the sting rays.  I chose to just take pictures.
And of course there are the most popular dolphins. I had such a great time watching them swim.  They are so graceful and beautiful.
I enjoyed myself so much that I would definitely go back again if ever given the chance.  I think it is an excellent place to take your kids and maybe someday I can take the grandbabies.  I think that would be great fun.
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DaLynnRmc.com said...

You took some great pictures! Fantastic post - we are looking forward to heading to the aquarium next week!