Springfever is Coming a Bit Early This Year

I was going through some pictures from this past summer of my flower pots that were in the front of or house.  I had forgotten how pretty they were. I had spent the day working in the garden trying to get a jump on spring (no...my garden doesn't look like this yet).  Everything is still sleeping for the winter.  We did, however, have a gorgeous day for working in the garden so, I took advantage of it.
 I know it is a bit early for it to hit me but Spring Fever is coming on strong.  It usually doesn't hit me till I see little plants poking their new green leaves up out of the ground.  
 This could be hard because we are still expecting some more winter weather.  Weather which we welcome by the way.  Texas and Oklahoma is experiencing a drought that has long since surpassed that of the 1930 dust bowl days.  Oh how I pray we get some rain soon...lots of rain!  I would even welcome lots of snow.  Moisture in any form!
 It is illegal to use water outside in my city at the moment because of the drought.  Things are really serious this year.  If it crosses your mind...we would really appreciate your prayers about this. Our city water wells have dropped to scary levels. We could run out of drinking water even.
 Because of the water and drought situation, I don't know if I will even get to garden this year.  We have lost so many trees, bushes, and plants that it really makes me upset to think about it too much.  I am also concerned that if we have high winds then the fire danger will be huge as well as the danger of falling trees due to the soil being so loose and dry right now.  We could also experience terrible dust storms. None of those situations would be good.  It really does hurt to see the land and vegetation and even the critters suffer so very much. 
 Despite all that, I am still working in my garden.  This is a good time to find someone to clean out my wild tank (they call them ponds in other parts of the world).  Hopefully I can find someone to do it without breaking the budget.  It is dry right now because the water table is so very low.  It had really become over grown with cattails because the depth had declined due to run off of soil.  Oh I hope we can get it cleaned out this year.
 It will also be a great time to get my new vegetable garden ready.  I want to put up a little picket fence to keep the bunnies out and I want to level the ground out.  I would also like to build some trellises to grow vegetables on.  
 I will also, sadly, have to dig out several things that have died.  There are trees to be cut down and cut up for firewood. There are trees and bushes that need to be trimmed.  There is also my prayer garden that needs to be cleaned out(boy is it over run with weeds!).  With the drought and severe heat, I just didn't feel like working out there so that was let go the past 2 years.  I plan to get it cleaned up before the heat comes. It can at least look neater anyway.  I will also continue to intercede for our city and states. Who knows maybe The Lord will hear our prayers and heal our land.  In the mean time I will have to enjoy the pictures from years past until that day comes.
Please pray for our states to receive rain enough to fill our aquifers and lakes, and heal our land.  We would be so thankful to you for any prayers you say on our behalf.
Until Next Time
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