I Am Dreaming Today

                I am dreaming today... I am dreaming of gardens, flowers, green and stately trees, standing tall and beautiful in the summer light.
I am dreaming of rain coming like  waterfalls, cool, wet, and healing; filling our wells with refreshing delight. I am dreaming our land is healed and restored from it's present dry and thirsty plight. The lakes, the ponds, the rivers, the creeks filled once again with water and life.
I am dreaming of flowerbeds blooming in dappled light.  I am dreaming of the glorious scent they give off right before the evening lands and the day takes flight; when the crickets sing and the fireflies dance and play beneath the starlight.  
I am dreaming of morning dawning with glories that are bright, with birds singing their melodies, when the air seems so new and fresh and sunshine is streaming it's sunlight. 
I am dreaming of roses blooming with all of their might...mmmmmm, their fragrance bringing such sensual delight.  I can almost see the morning dew that glistens like sparkling diamonds in the light.
I am dreaming of red flowers, pink flowers, purple, yellow, orange and white...oh what a sight! They dance among leaves of green so bright.
I am dreaming of butterflies landing on flowers and soaring into the bright blue sky... bees buzzing and spreading golden pollen here and there along their flight.
I am dreaming of hummingbirds flying from flower to flower seeking sweet nectar they can drink to their fill...I am dreaming of dragonflies flitting above the waters dipping up and down just like a kite soaring down and then back again to a new and gloriously heart pounding height. 
I am dreaming of fresh summer breezes waving the flowers with such beauty that delights, and drinking cold ice tea as I sit outside enjoying the shade as evening sets in easy without a fight,  Watching all of nature illustrate the glory of God as I write.
I am dreaming today of the beautiful nights...of the milky way, stardust, and the moon filling the sky with light...of the sounds, the smells, the sights...I am dreaming today...of the closeness that creation gives me to the creator whether day or night.  When I am with Him everything is made right...Oh what a delight!
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