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I am one of those people who was born to learn.  I absolutely love to learn new things. In fact, I can become quite naughty when I stop learning and become bored (horror! even in Sunday School)I have always loved going to school (I know...that is not really normal).  As a child I would have to hold myself back from expressing my love of school when everyone else was ranting about how much they hated school.  Deep down I never really understood why they hated school so much. Didn't they enjoy learning new things?  I remember delighting in reading encyclopedias and even the dictionary out loud to my class (they thought I was torturing them, I thought it was interesting.)  I remember riding my bike as a young girl, to the public library in Wichita Kansas and I would start with one shelf and read every book on it and then go on to the next shelf.  I continued to do this at school. I was born to learn. I dreamed all my life of going to college some day.  It was something that was just an understood thing...I was going to college.
State Flower of Texas
The funny thing about this story is that other than a couple of night classes, I never really got to go to college. It doesn't really matter why that happened.  It just did.  What does matter is that it has been a huge source of pain for me over the years.  It is that pain, I want to tell you about right now (no this is not going to be a whining...please feel sorry for me post.)  That pain was, and at times, still is a deep gut wrenching kind of pain.  It hurts, but God used what the enemy meant for evil to bring about good.
Texas Bluebonnets with Indian Paintbrush
What a laugh the enemy must have had when thinking of how he would deny someone with such a passionate love for learning, the longed for experience of going to College. The cool part of this story is that God saw what the enemy planned and instead of taking away my desire to go to school (yes I prayed for that) He left it there.  Now that may seem like a tormenting thing to do, but His desire was not to torment me, but instead to drive me. It was that desire that drove me to learn despite my circumstances.  It drove me to find a way to purchase books and magazines no matter how poor we were at the time. It drove me to study and learn about many of the subjects that interested me. Things like painting, drawing, gardening, herbs, decorating, woodworking, homekeeping, cooking, writing, blogging, quilting, sewing, birdkeeping, biographies, history, mythology, geneology, science, computer software, social media, finances, taxes (yes I even read the tax code several years in a row because I wanted to) relationships (I read nearly every book about this), essential oils, spiritual things, religious things, the scriptures, God and much much more.
Purple Wildflowers Sage, Widow's Tears

Instead of the traditional college education that most students just go through to get to their life and making money (which was what their real goal was if the truth is known);  I gained knowledge, understanding, and even wisdom about many things.  Knowing how to paint helped to support my family more times than I can count. I can not tell you how many people I have ministered to as their marriage was falling apart or how many times knowing about herbs has helped me with a problem (like menstrual cramps, shudder). How reading those myths would prepare me to be an intercessor who understood much of the enemies ways, or how reading the scriptures would fill my spirit with truth and give me weapons to battle the enemy with.  It is so cool to look back over my life and see how God wove together what seemed like random interests at the time into what I am today and what I will be tomorrow.  Those interests and studying of those interests became knowledge that as I walked through life and applied it or experienced it, gave me understanding, and then all the mistakes I made over the years as I have learned, gave me wisdom.  No my training is not traditional but then I am not really a traditional kind of girl. I am a fierce, passionate, fun loving, chicken raising, garden tending, house decorating, owner of cats, dogs and birds; mom and wife (soon to be a gigi!) who loves to help other people with whatever their problems are; who is great at promoting others and cheering them on; and who loves to battle the enemy. (Yes, I said it...I like a good fight with the enemy!)
Llano River fisherman
I guess this post is my way of tipping my hat to God.  He looked ahead and instead of removing the obstacles in my path, he used my pain, and he helped me to overcome those obstacles.  He could have given me a fish and many times He has done just that, but in this case He taught me to fish instead.
Fisherman at Llano River in Texas Hill Country
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.~Chinese Proverb. "Thank You God!"  I also say "thank you" to Arthur Burk for helping me to see these things with his ministry and teachings.  "Arthur...you have been an inspiration, a voice of wisdom, and a teacher to me.  Thank you."(she says as she tears up)  Someday, I look forward to meeting you in person or even in spirit as God wills.
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