All Things Beautiful

I thought I would begin Throwback Thursday.  I have so many posts that I migrated from my previous 4 blogs that I know many of you have never seen so I thought I would begin  to throw them back at you on Thursday's.  I hope you enjoy this one.  It tells a lot about me.  Of course all my posts reveal a part of me but the ones that reveal the most I have placed under the tag Here I Am. Anyway, here goes:

When I think of beauty it brings to mind many things. I think of the love of God, my family, laughter and singing, the stars on a clear night, the sun rising in the mornings, the smell of rain, big fluffy clouds in a blue sky, flowers, creatures, reading a good book, my kittens playing in the flowers, the sound of birds singing, the colors of the seasons, quilts, & china, watercolor paintings, lace, & vintage treasures. The list is endless. I believe that God created all things to glorify himself therefore when I see beautiful things it makes me feel closer to Him. It also makes me feel really happy. I love looking for the blessings of beauty that God has placed all around me. It is like a treasure hunt to find beauty, blessing, & good in all life's situations. Life is never perfect for anyone. There are always trials & tests to go through but I go through them knowing that God has placed inside of me everything I need to overcome & see beauty come out of it. He always gives me beauty for ashes & I love that & that makes me love Him even more. That is beautiful.

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Stacey said...

What a blessing it is that you have this understanding in these times. :)

Liz said...

That is a very wise outlook!

That cute little Simba kitty needs a hug! she/he is precious!