A Perfect Evening At Landry's

It had been a hot day that day...not so hot that it wasn't fun but hot enough that you were glad when a breeze came.  The evening came and made up for the heat of the day with it's beauty.  It was perfect that evening on the docks of the marina in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The sound of the birds were like a melody to my ears.
The fishing boats were all lined up neatly looking beautiful.  I loved the sights, the sounds, the textures, the colors and even the smell of the salty air..  It seemed like the colors were brighter somehow.  
There were interesting things to see every direction that I looked...what a photographer's paradise it was.
 I found myself snapping pictures every way I looked.  I could have tarried there for hours enjoying the sights , the sounds, the smells and everything else about the docks.
Serenity was definitely a word I would use to describe how I was feeling that evening as I walked to meet my date.  I had arranged to meet my dear hubby for dinner that night.  We had decided to eat seafood.
When you are in the Gulf area, then you must eat seafood.  It is at it's freshest and best here so near the sea.
 We decided to eat at Landry's Seafood House.  We had been to this restaurant before many years ago and we had ate our meal inside the restaurant. (it is in a boat that is permanently docked...kinda neat huh?)
We did consider going inside again this time but the evening was so alluring that it was hard to break away to the indoors.
That is when we saw something different about the restaurant...there was a patio that we had not noticed before.  We quickly made a decision and headed that direction.
We found a table all the way to the farthest end of the patio. It was perfect.  There were beautiful flower beds all around on one side of the patio that caught my attention.
 The other direction was beautiful too.  The patio looked out onto the bay.  What a beautiful and peaceful sight it was that gorgeous evening as sailboats drifted about.
We could see the U.S.S. Lexington Air Craft Carrier that is now a museum across the bay from where we sat. It also was a beautiful sight that evening; permanently docked so that we could enjoy it and honor those who had served so courageously on this vessel.
The food was excellent!  The service was excellent and so friendly too.  Oh how stuffed I was after dinner.
The entertainment was great too.  We enjoyed a live band singing old Eagles songs along with other old rock songs that took us back to our younger days. What a great evening we were having so we tarried a while, enjoying the evening and not wanting it to end.
 It was just a perfect evening at Landry's that night...so perfect that we went back again before our trip was over.  I would definitely recommend, that if any of you are in Corpus Christi, that you spend an evening on the patio at Landry's if you get a chance.  It is pretty wonderful out there.

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