A Beautiful Antique Bridge

I went to visit a place near my home called The Ohio Street Bridge in Wichita Fallls, Texas.  I had spotted it several years ago and had told myself many times that one day I would go explore it.
I finally got the opportunity and I am so very glad that I did.  It was a very good reason too!  I am going to be a Gigi soon and my kids and I decided this was the perfect place to take our announcement pictures. The bridge has beautiful views of the Wichita River and of the city of Wichita Falls.
I was impressed with the textures, the colors, and nearly everything about this bridge.  What a beautiful place it spans and the bridge itself is very beautiful.  It is one of the beautiful Iron structures that brings back thoughts of yesteryear. It is an antique actually.  The bridge turned 102 this past year.  Oh what history this place must have been witness to.
Nearly everywhere that I looked there was beauty to be found.  Beauty in the form the shape, the design,  and even in the age of the bridge.  It was almost like a beautiful antique picture frame for all the gorgeous views in every direction.
Across the way to the West another beautiful structure stands but is not open for any type of traffic from what I understand.  Under the bridge is a bicycle/walking path that meanders along the river.  There were several other people out enjoying the beautiful day along the Wichita River.
Even without the softening beauty of leaves on the trees the bridge stood out as a beautiful structure and a testament to it's history.  I did a little research and apparently the bridge was a major entrance to Wichita Falls from the North Side of the River. It was a spot in the river that many people used to cross with a ferry and  even the Indians used to cross the river at this spot as passage from Texas to Oklahoma or back.
Apparently it has a bit of dark history too because the bridge was so very busy it would become bogged down with traffic and people would become angry with each other and actually even get into physical altercations.  Despite this, the bridge played a major part in the growing of Wichita Falls.
In my research of the bridge, I also discovered that the bridge may be torn down.  I am distressed and saddened at this news.  There have been those who have been trying to convince people to put energy and money into restoring the bridge to no avail.  This is a sad way to treat such a beautiful part of history.
To the the East of the bridge on the North side of the Wichita River, there is a beautiful park area with a very well kept water feature and sculptures depicting a story about the spot where an Indian brave sent a squaw into the river to find a good place to cross.  When she found the right spot she called out "Wee Chi Tah" which means waist deep. The sculpture is beautiful as well as the water feature.

I know my photos do not show too much of the other things that I found here.  It is a bit deceptive how beautiful everything looks in my photos because what the photos do not show is how filled with trash the river is. When one looks down into the water they will find old trash, tires, and junk. It isn't just a little trash either.  I was saddened and dismayed to see how trashed up the river is especially in light of the well kept grounds all around the river.  Because of the trash, and the undetermined future of the bridge, I have decided that I will seek to change this.  I know you are probably wondering what in the world I can do to change it...well, I am going to pray.  I know some of you will scoff but, I happen to believe that me standing in the gap for this place and even the people around this place can bring real change. I have decided that I will visit this place again and again and I will pray until the change comes.  I will keep you updated on the change as it happens.  This is just the kind of challenging project that I enjoy most.

Maybe there are others out there who would like to join me in praying for this place.  I would welcome any who would like to stand beside me in this...even if there are not others...I know a very wonderful and powerful secret.  Me + God = Win.  God is big and God is good.  I know he put this on my heart.  He does that sometimes.  He asks me to pray for a person or a place.  It is amazing to see the things he does when I am faithful to do as He asks.  I look forward to a new glory story about a spot on a river that I have lived near for much of my life.  This spot! This River! This Bridge!

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Emily said...

Such beautiful pictures! Looking forward to being a part of your SITS tribe! Also, I used to have a dog named Daisey, spelled with the "e" just like in your title! I never see it anywhere, so it made me smile!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Emily. The name came as a result of an email account (years ago when email was new) that I inherited from my daughter (she didn't spell too good). I became an active member on a garden forum where my user name became Texasdaisey because most used designations that included where they lived and their email to some degree. It was easy to remember and not ever taken because of the misspelling so it stuck and I decided to use it as my brand. That was an evolution that started in the 90's lol.