Vent A Hood Refinish

I wrote about this hood quite some time ago and I told you the funny story about it.  What I did not tell you is how we painted that hood.  This is my friend Sarah's kitchen.  When she moved into this house it came with a really cool old stove that was brown.  Do you remember that color?  If so then you have definitely dated yourself. lol.  That is OK because I remember them too.  

Sarah loved her old stove even if it was brown but one day it just gave up the ghost and didn't seem to be repairable.  Sarah went to town to find a new stove that would fit in the wide spot that the old one left in her kitchen.  She finally settled on the stainless range that you see pictured.  She had a bit of sticker shock after that shopping trip.  She priced vent-a-hoods and their huge price tag caused her to decide that she had better live with the old one for a while.

When I came to visit her I admired her new stove but was quick to point out that it didn't look too good with the new stainless stove (oh how I wish I had taken pictures of the before)  Being the kind of person who hasn't met anything that can't be helped with paint I also suggested we could fix that hood to look tons better with just a little paint (that was always my suggestion).  Sarah was ready to do it.

Like good wives we of course did not say a word to our husbands about what we were planning (we have learned that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission sometimes and this was one of those times).  We planned a time when her hubby would be busy and I could come stay while we worked on the project.  I had already painted my fireplace doors with great success and so I knew exactly how we would proceed.  

We waited until Sarah's hubby left for work and we quickly went to work on that Vent- a-hood.  Our first step was to take SOS pads and scour every part of that hood.  We didn't want to have any gunk or grease that would cause our paint to peel off later.  We finally got the hood as clean as possible. I recommend that you also wash the metal off with vinegar if you do this kind of project.  It also helps to prepare the metal for holding paint.

The next step was to tape off the parts that we didn't want to paint.  We decided the stainless parts could remain.  We also used newspaper and taped up around the sides to protect everything near the stove from over spray.  Now...for the fun part...we had already purchased her chosen color in Krylon Fusion Spray Paint.  In this case she chose the Forest Green (that was her favorite color...I think cobalt blue or red would be pretty too) I began to spray the hood.  Everything was going great until I had to get down underneath the hood to paint.  It was a warm day and I am one of those people that really can sweat well (I know it's not cool but it keeps me healthy).  My friend quickly went to find a fan to help me cool off with a nice breeze (she is just one of those great people to work with because she anticipates every need.)  The hood was  turning out great!  We were so excited about how pretty it looked until we glanced around us and realized that the fan had caused the paint to dry in mid air and there was green powder everywhere!

One important aspect to the "getting forgiveness later" strategy is that your project has to turn out beautiful and the house must be "house beautiful" when they get back.  We quickly went to work cleaning our green powder mess because her hubby came home in the early afternoon.  We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned!  The hood turned out beautiful and it has stayed beautiful.  The house however was a mess.  That fan had caused the paint to go everywhere in the house.  Sarah was cleaning green dust for a while. lol.  Her hubby did think the hood looked much better so we weren't in too much trouble though. She could always blame me after I left which is a perfectly acceptable strategy for girlfriends who need to get back in their hubby's good graces (hehehehe).  If you decide to do a similar project be sure to let the paint cure for about 3 weeks before trying to wash it too much and definitely do not use a fan!

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