Look What I Found!

I was just going along in life as usual and decided to surf the Facebook Trading Post that I started and look what I found!  I became even more excited when I discovered that it was only $50!  I thoroughly enjoy hand painted toleware.  I have been collecting it for a number of years.  When I found this, I quickly asked the owner if it was printed or hand painted.  I became even more excited when she answered back that it was hand painted.  What a treasure for me to find!  The owner even offered to deliver it to my house.  How great is that? Oh happy day!!! You just never know when a blessing is going to just drop out of the sky! A huge thank you to Laura at Found N Picked!  I am enjoying this tea tray so very much.  I haven't decided yet where it will be placed permanently yet but I will find the perfect spot.  I don't think it looks too bad where it is now.  I may just leave it there.  If you would like to know how to set up your own Facebook Trading Post then check out my post about it here.  You can see some other great items we have had for sale and even download your own free e-book with complete instructions.
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