Do You Ever?

Do you ever have one of those days?  You know the one where the new puppy went on the floor not 1 time but 5 or 6 times (and right after being outside too; and did it have to be on my flowerpot?)

Do you ever have one of those days when you get ready to cook or do a project and the items you thought you had do not appear to be anywhere?  Or maybe it is one of those days where you get to town and you get out of your car to discover you have 2 different shoes on (at least they were both black).  

Do you ever have days when you really need to concentrate on something and everyone (even the son who almost never wants to talk) suddenly wants to have long conversation?  Or maybe it is a day that you really feel talkative but no one else has time or desire?  

Do you ever really need to find something and when it can't seem to be located, then you buy another only to find the one you were looking for? Or Do you have days when you put something away (in a spot you are for certain to remember) only to not be able to find it? 

Do you ever purchase an item twice because you couldn't find the one you are certain you have and then lose both of those too?  Have you come home with a movie or book only to discover you already have it?

Do you ever pay a bill and then later get a refund because you had already paid it or discover you didn't pay a bill that you thought you did?

Do you ever work hard to get the house spotless only to have it demolished again in a matter of an hour?  Or come home to find the kitchen that you left clean is covered with empty cans, bottles, take home boxes, sacks, wrappers, and empty sunflower seeds (and the trash can is located just under the counter...not even a foot away)?

Do you ever get all the laundry done (at least you think you do anyway) only to discover that your teenager has some squirreled away?  Do you ever have an empty laundry hamper with laundry dropped on top of it or on the floor beside it.

I have those kind of days...probably more than I would like but I have learned to roll with it.  It all tends to work out in the end.  The point is that I keep trying and I don't stay so focused on the annoying things, that I forget about the good things...things like how very funny that puppy looked when SHE stood up on her hind legs and peed all over my flower pot like a man would (I never saw that happen before).  

Things like the cool recipes or art projects I came up with because I had to be more creative when I didn't have exactly what I thought I needed, or how funny it was to show everyone my round toe shoe and pointy toe shoe (they laughed but they said at least they were both black).  Laughter is good medicine.

Things like how my son shared his heart with me and I found out new things about him and his life that makes my heart sing or gives me a laugh.  Things like how I learned to enjoy time alone by using that time to talk to God or learn something new.

Things like how I can give those extra items to someone else who needs them or stash them in the gift closet or it gives me a reason to go to town again and maybe have lunch too.  Things like how some days I find a nice surprise when I open a drawer and find the item that has been missing so long or reach into a pocket only to pull out a $20 bill.

Things like how nice it is to get that unexpected refund check in the mail or how nice people are when you explain honestly what happened.

Things like how wonderful it is to have all my family with me (even if they are messy) and how much it was worth finding all that trash because I was able to steal away for some fun time on my own.

Things like the joy of doing your kids laundry because some day they will be gone and there will be less laundry to do.  Laundry means they are home with you for a while.  Although laundry by an empty hamper is annoying at least it wasn't left out on the floor somewhere else in the house.

Life is funny that way,  it gives us good as well as bad.  It doesn't matter who you are it is the same for everyone no matter how poor or rich, young or old, pretty or not, skinny or fat.  People get good in life and they get bad.   Do you ever focus more on the  good than the bad...that is the best way to have a happy life.  It isn't denying there is bad but instead letting the good outweigh the bad and laughing at the bad because you know that soon this too shall pass.

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