A Cool Idea

If you are like me, then I bet you are busy getting your house cleaned up, spruced up and organized again after all the Christmas decorations are put away. I have several projects planned that I will be working on.  One of them will be making some shelves in one of my bathrooms like these in the above photo (this will be news to my dear hubby hehehe.)  This will  work best if you have a wall on each side of your toilet.  I recently visited a friend, Sarah at her new home and she had come up with the neatest idea for her bathroom that uses the space in a great way for shelving.  If you will notice she has placed the shelf right down on top of the toilet.  I bet you are wondering (like I did) "How do you get into the toilet to repair it?" She had a great answer for that.  If you will look at the top shelf in this photo you can see how she did it.  She put the supports on each end of the shelf.  She nailed the trim board to the front of the shelf to hide the support braces.  If you need to get into the toilet then you lift the shelf off the support brace and voila!  Isn't that a cool idea?  I thought it was.  I have always thought she was one of the wisest people I know and once again she proves that.   Now her bathroom has so much more storage space for towels, washrags and anything else she desires.

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Robin said...

Shelving is good for organizing and for the pretty factor! I love the idea in the bath!
Here's to a month full of nesting~