The Color Orange

In celebration of Autumn which is one of my favorite times of the year, I decided to go through my picture files and pull out some photos with lots of orange.  Orange is a new love for me.  In the past it was one of those colors I wouldn't be caught dead wearing but somehow it has kind of grown on me.  I still won't wear it (unless I want to play sick)  but I do like it in other places.

In spring time I like orange pansies.  I like to plant them by my front door.

It looks pretty cool on this orange car with orange flames that I saw at Summer's Last Blast

Who would have guessed that I would like orange roses?  I even planted one in my garden.

Or orange trumpet vine growing on a fence with orange rust?

This is one of my favorite bowls that a dear friend painted with peaches.

I love how my oak trees turn orange in the Autumn

I think that orange mums add just the right touch in my flower pots for Autumn.

Here is a photo of one of my favorite things to decorate in Autumn.  It is a box that I made and painted with orange pumpkins and leaves.

Isn't this orange orchid dreamy?

And I met this little cutie this summer.  Isn't he gorgeous.  I would have loved to bring him home with me.

These are some torch lilies that I enjoyed thoroughly while on vacation this summer.  The hummingbirds were enjoying them too.

I saw these poppies at one of my favorite places  to visit...the Wildseed Wildflower Farm.

This orange bird of paradise flower bloomed beautifully on my trip to Africa.

I got to enjoy these beautiful poppies while on our trip to Colorado.

This photo was one of those I took while on our trip to Corpus Christi this summer.

I snapped this one on our way home at Wildseed Wildflower Farm.

Here is another photo from my trip to Corpus Christi.

Isn't this orange pillow that was in our beautiful hotel room just yummy?  

How about this gorgeous Texas sunset?  Isn't it gorgeous too?  I think I have decided that orange is a pretty wonderful color.  If you like the color orange and would like to see more check out my Pinterest board on orange
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Heidi said...

Absolutely love your pictures! So vibrant and fun! I really like the one with the trumpet flowers on the fence.

Mike said...

There' just something about the color orange. it's so lively and happy. Orange is a beautiful color. One of my favorites. I think orange fish are the cutest.