One of Those Days

Ughhh, I really wanted to work on my blog today but my son decided to hoe out his bedroom finally and I got a huge pile of laundry to do instead.  It is way worse than the picture looks.  Let me put it into perspective for you.  This picture is of a pile of laundry that is about 2 1/2 foot to 3 feet tall.  it stretches about 15 foot by 4 foot.  I know, right?  It doesn't look that big in the picture does it?  If that wasn't enough  He also brought out his bedding for me to do too.  Now keep in mind that I have been doing his laundry every week but somehow all of this seemed to mysteriously show up.(wondering how much of it was clean that got mixed with the dirty clothes)   I also have my regular big hamper full of laundry to do too.  Looks like it will be at least a 2 day job.  Grrrrr, some days, I wonder why I like being a mom so well.   It is OK though, I have figured out after my many years of being a mom that if I work it right I can  get all my wife and mom stuff done to keep the household happy and still have time to work on my blogging or art too.  Actually, you would be amazed at how much can be done in between loads.  I can do the same thing no matter what the housework.  I just do a homekeeping chore then, I will do a bit on my blog.  I just alternate back and forth and  when the day is done I can feel like I have accomplished something and not feel guilty because I let the house go in order to do it.  It is amazing how much I can get done by dividing up my household chores up into little bits and dividing my artful business up into little bits too.  There is a lot to be said about painting when you are really in your bliss and there are times that I do that just like there are days when I focus totally on getting the house perfect for company.  It is on those other days that I do it in bits and pieces because it is so much more enjoyable when I can know my family and home are in order as well as my creative business.  The key for me was to look at what needed to be done in the house or garden, and look at what I wanted to accomplish in my business.  Then I simply work a bit here then a bit there.  In example...I might sweep the floor.  Then, I will sit down for 30 minutes or an hour and work on my blog.  Then I will do the dishes.  After that, I get another hour on my business.  Before the day is over, I have done several things in both areas and it keeps me and my family happy .  There are going to be days when the interruptions keep me from accomplishing a lot (you know when you do a lot but didn't accomplish a lot) but I have learned to take those days in stride and just keep on going forward.  Eventually, you will begin to truly make some distance.  Remember to schedule in a bit of fun time too.  It would be sad to think I might have missed my children's first steps or their basketball game because I was too busy working.  I cherish all those memories now that they have flown the coop. (except for the boomerang son)  It is OK though that he is back (except my really cute spare bedroom was sooo cute till he covered it all up with his stinky boy stuff)  I am cherishing the time he is back this time though, because I know that soon he will be going off into the big world once again.  I will even try to not let the huge pile of laundry get me down.  Instead I will come and write on this post between loads.  I think I can hear my dryer singing to me so I guess I will finish for now and go fold another load of clothes.  Proofreading will have to be between the next load. lol.
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Unknown said...

LOL! You must have been in my house! I love the way you balance the housework and blog/artwork...its do-able, just more like a juggling act. Hey, my clothes are done...gotta go!
(Seriously, I Love this blog post, I really do!)